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Why Food Shortage still occurs, even after so much Food Production?

November 17, 2014  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Food & Drinks  Earning $0.75   Views: 1241

Food is important for every human being; in fact for every living being, you all know. No doubt, a lot of nutrition, we get from different types foods; but basic food, everybody needs to live.


Lot of technical expansion have been done in agricultural industry, to grow more food; so that, no body remains without food. Then, why after so much food production , with help of technical expansion; there is still occurring, shortage of food among humans?

Shortage of food is occurring, because of following three reasons-

1. Lot of food is wasted in weddings, in dustbin without eating-

This is first and most responsible reason, of food wastage and food shortage. Generally, when people buy cooked food, from market for eating; they eat it whole, as they have spent their money on it. But in weddings, different varieties of foods, are available to them; for eating for free.

. They try to eat everything, by filling their plates; but not able to, eat that whole filled plate; because there is limit, to which human stomach can be filled with food.

. So, when they are not able to eat further ; they then, throw their sometimes half-filled and sometimes more than half filled plates; with food in dustbin.

. On one side, there are people, who does not get food for eating and on other side, there is lot of food, which people throw in dustbin; in weddings.

. But, if people will fill their plates, in weddings with amount of that much , which they can finish completely; then very less food, will be thrown in dustbin. In this way, less wastage of food, will occur and more food, will be saved; which can be given to those, who does not get food to eat and also food shortage problem, can be solved.

2. Lot of food get rotten from storing, for long time in freeze-

Earlier, when people did not have freeze in past era ; they then, bring home that much raw vegetables and fruits, which they can consume in 2-3 days. As they, had no freeze, they used to consume their fruits in time interval of 2-3 days and cook only that much vegetables on each day, of this interval of 2-3 days; which they can consume on each day.

. Because of this method, less food wastage occurs then; as the food, which they cooked, whole of that was consumed on that day, on which it was cooked.

But in present era, as we have freeze- in which, we can store our raw as well as cooked food; raw vegetables and fruits are bought in extra quantity.
. No doubt, freeze can keep raw vegetables and fruits fresh, for 5-6 days; but not beyond that.
. Because of freeze, we human beings become lazy and bring home, extra vegetables and fruits; which cannot be finished, even in interval of 5-6 days.

. And, as we are not able to finish, them in interval of 5-6 days; so ultimately they get rotten, on 7th day and go into dustbin. And again, lot of food is wasted and goes into dustbin; which can be prevented, if we bring home, only that much amount, which we can consume .

3. Lot of food get rotten in, storage rooms of prize hikers-

Prize hikers have habit of storing raw fruits and vegetables in storage rooms; until prize of raw fruits and vegetables hike. But, when prize hikes ; lot of vegetables and fruits already get rotten in storage rooms. This you must have witnessed yourself, while buying fruits and vegetables; which come in market, after prize hike.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 12/15/2014    Points:3    

Normally, fruits and vegetables do not have long life. Once we buy these items try to finish them as soon as possible. Keeping fruits and vegetables for long days are waste. Damaged food items are harmful for health. We should avoid damaged fruits and vegetables at the store, and also avoid eating the damaged parts of your produce if it happens at home.

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