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Be Heart Smart - Your Emotions can break your heart !

November 19, 2014  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 1154

The more outgoing and social you are the better your chances of keeping away heart diseases



With more researches being conducted it has now been proven beyond doubt that our state of mind affects our heart. Getting stressed beyond a certain limit can have an adverse effect on our mind , body and our heart. Letting go of negative feelings like stress, anger and depression helps our body while holding on to them only hurts it.

Did you know that a person who talks fast, walks fast and lives life to the fullest in the fast lane is perfectly healthy and is happy? This is what modern day researchers say, this is because they have no time to sit and brood over negativities of life and take life as it comes.

Test your personality

The Brooding type - The more you sit and brood the more you are likely to be felled by a heart attack or stroke. Some people take a long time to receiver from illness or a distressing incident that has taken place in their life making life difficult not just for themselves but for those around them as well. According to studies , such people are 84% more likely to lose at least 5 - 10 years of their life span.

We see some people always muttering and grumbling about everything and this type of attitude can lead to depression which increases heart beat rate , higher level of stress hormones which don't sync with their physical activities.
Depressed and unhappy people are also more likely to take up unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking excessive liquor or become drug addicts, which again make their condition worse.

The Worrying Type - No doubt that we all worry to a certain extent or the other, which is quite normal in most people. It is how much you worry that matters. You may worry about the price of onions or petrol or about the increasing household expenses, but forget about your worries when you are spending time with your family or when you are with your friends etc ...On the other hand if you worry all the time , you are only worrying yourself to death.

Constant worry has the same effect as acute anxiety causing increased blood pressure and increased levels of adrenaline and other hormones that cause the heart to beat faster and signaling the cells to dump fat into the bloodstream for quick energy. Repeated Blood pressure surges can damage the arterial linings, which in turn leads to a blockage of the coronary artery. The end result is that high anxiety can speed up a heart attack in a person 4 times more than in a person who is normal and is able to keep his worries and anxieties under control.

The Anger addict - Anger is our body's normal response to being threatened or frustrated. When you are angry you breath harder , your heart beats faster, your blood pressure rises, your pupils dilate and your digestion gets suspended and finally your blood sugar levels soar. The combined effect of all this is that blood gets diverted from other organs to the heart, the central nervous system and muscles. The brain sends a message to pump action hormones which kick starts fatty acids from your fat deposits. So we see how an reaction sets about so many chemical reactions within our body, all of which lead to a near heart attack.

Anger, we should realise is a very powerful poison to our system since it is a emotion that combines hostility and cynicism all of which are negative reactions and linked to the heart. However, according to modern day researchers blowing out once in a while is far better than bottling u your anger and emotions and let it steadily and slowly poison you. Harboring anger not only strains the heart but can affect the blood's clotting ability, constrict arteries and slow down blood flow into different organs.

A person who is perpetually angry with others and the world in general is more likely to seek solace in nicotine and alcohol and we all know where that can lead to - straight to the heart and its well being which gets threatened.

The person who Stifles his/her feelings - We like to keep certain things to ourselves and there is nothing wrong in that, but there is a limit to the levels of being able to stifle your feelings to yourself. Most of the emotions that contribute to heart disease can be buffered by interactions with other people who are close to us .Social support could be had by opening out to a trusted friend or a family member, who could be your spouse, sister, brother or your parents or a close friend.

Even superficial chatting can help since you are interacting and feel that there are people who understand you .The more social you are the happier and healthier you remain and the less isolated you remain and the less contact you have with others , the worse is your heart disease prognosis.

Lost Control over life - This may not always happen but does happen to some people when life has been very trying for them. They may have lost their job, had a failed marriage or had some harrowing experience which has left them feeling dejected, lost an important court case etc. This causes a chain reaction of negative emotions which play a major role in how you respond to stress. Such people are very likely to have a heart attack when things further go wrong or have some added stress.

Get over it - some tips

1, Do not let your self be consumed by one single aspect of existence - be it work , rearing children or being a housewife. Lend your talents to a cause and more importantly explore yourself and see what your potentials are , set realistic goals and try to work towards achieving them.

2, Remaining busy is with some activity or the other at all stages of your life is very important and essential for the well being of your heart.

3,Lossen up a bit instead of remaining rigid and stiff. Learn to let go and laugh at yourself and enjoy every moment of life. There is no point in being critical and judgmental of others instead overlook minor defects, since none of us is perfect and make others feel comfortable and wanted by your interactions with them. This will be a rewarding experience since you get what you give.

4, Self analysis always helps - when you are stressed , angry or depressed, sit quietly and go through your emotions and go into the root of it. You will have a better idea as to how you should handle the situation once you have analysed it impartially from every angle and this exercise in itself brings our positivity in you.

5, Strengthening family ties is very important since we need an anchor . A happily married person is less likely to have a heart attack than a person who is single . Having children and maintaining a happy and healthy interaction with them gives us strength , support and structure.


Most studies conclude that a person who has strong ties with their parents, spouse and children has reduced risk of heart disease. There is a solution for every problem in our life so instead of brooding , take the positive way out of analysing and finding the solution.
Negative emotions like physical pain are a signal to the body that something is wrong and they should be addressed at some level right away .

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 12/22/2014    Points:2    

We all want a stress free life to escape from physical and mental disturbances. If our life is happy, we can lead a long life in this world. Keep away from all kinds of worries and problems. Do not fall in tension. Be happy always and try to make others happy.

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