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Top ten food for the health of women

November 26, 2014  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.75   Views: 1468

Women are physically weak. They need healthy and nutrient food items in each stages of their life. This article explains about top ten healthy food items that are very necessary for women to live healthy.


Here are ten food items that the women should eat daily to protect them from diseases and to lead a healthy life.


Beans contain large amount of fibre in it. It is best to reduce cholesterol and sugar levels in blood. Beans can prevent us from breast cancer. It is useful to prevent birth defects. The folate contains in beans help to prevent defects in developing neural tubes. Therefore, eating beans is must during pregnancy.


Huge amount of fiber and beeta karotin is in Broccoli. It has the ability to protect us from heart diseases, cancers and cataract. Like other vegetables, broccoli is also good for our skin. It contains antioxidants such as vitamin C and E. Free radicals are the reasons for skin problems and skin aging. The vitamin C contains in broccoli prevents skin aging by eliminating free radicals. At the same time, vitamin E gives natural glow and keeps our skin young. Consumption of dark green vegetables like broccoli is good for our hair. Broccoli can strengthen the hair at the root.


Carrot is the biggest source of beeta karotiin. It is best for the health of our eyes. Eating carrots will protect our bodies from cancer diseases. Eating carrot daily will increase the beauty of our skin and will give fairness to our skin. The antioxidant and vitamin A contains in carrot protect our skin from sun-rays.


Eating fishes daily will get reduce our depression and it is best to protect us from cancer diseases. Fishes that contain omega 3 fatty acids can protect our hearts. Omega 3 fatty acid is in fishes like sardines, mackerel, tuna and salmon. Younger women must include fishes high in omega 3 fatty acid in their daily diet to protect them from heart diseases and stroke.


Drinking milk is the best way to get calcium for our bodies. Calcium in milk is very important for women and elderly because they are more prone to dangerous bone degradation. Milk can give strength to our bodies. It is the best natural medicine for osteoporosis. According to the new study, milk has some special power to prevent cancer and high blood pressure.

Palak Spinach:-

There are large amount of folic acid is in palak spinach. Eating palak spinach is very good for women. It is best for the proper functions of the reproductive organs like uterus and ovaries of women.


Onion can help reduce cholesterol level of our body. Having high cholesterol may lead to heart attack and stroke. Including onion in your daily diet is the best way to solve this problem. Onion can also help us to prevent the blood vessels from clotting because of excessive fat formation.


Oranges are a great source of vitamin C. Folic acid is also in oranges. Both these are very necessary during pregnancy. Orange has some special power to protect us from diseases. Pectin content in orange can reduce cholesterol level. Oranges can keep blood pressure of our body in normal level. Eating oranges daily will increase our immunization power.


Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C. They can protect us from heart diseases and cancers. Tomato is a rich source of folic acid. Folic acid in tomato will protect the pregnant women from neural tube defects in infants. Tomatoes will fight against different kinds of cancers and will protect our heart from heart attack. Vitamin A contains in tomato will maintain our skin and hair healthy. Vitamin K in tomato maintains our bones strong. Intake of tomato is very good for getting a glowing and shiny skin.


Almond is the rich source of vitamin E. Therefore, eating almond daily will help us to get vitamin E necessary for our body. Almond can prevent us from heart diseases and different kinds of cancers. Anemia is a common disease among women. Including almond in our daily diet will help us to prevent anemia. Eating almond is must during pregnancy. The folic acid contains in almond will reduce the incidence of birth defects in newborn babies.

Mostly, women are always busy with their work. They are not bothered about their health. They always give importance to the health of their children and husband. However, women need strength and energy to do their work. Therefore, healthy and nutritious food is must for them. Nutrient rich foods give energy and strength to them and help to prevent them from diseases.


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Top ten food for the health of women
Women are physically weak. They need healthy and nutrient food items in each stages of their life. This article explains about top ten healthy food items that are very necessary for women to live healthy.


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