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Termite Prevention Tips, for Preventing Termite development in a House

December 15, 2014  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Environment  Earning $0.50   Views: 1004

Termite problem is increasing very much, these days in new style build houses. But, why it is increasing, in new style build houses than old style build houses?


It is increasing in new style build, modern houses because more wooden work is used in them and that too wrong way. Yes, it is happening because of wooden work, used wrong way because if it was used right way ; then termite development would had been prevented and reduced to great extent.

So today, I will give you some termite prevention tips, which if one implements during house building process and also during house renovation process ; can prevent and reduce termite problem in house to great extent. And, these termite prevention tips are given below-

1. Do not attach, wooden cup boards to wall-

Yes, first cause of termite development is the blockage of air; which happen, when you attach your wooden cupboards to wall . Termite develops in that wood; which is moistened and in wood of wooden cupboards, attached to wall, getting moistened from water sipped in wall; from water pipes in wall in monsoon season.

2. Do not over paint or over polish wooden cupboards attached to wall-

Yes, do not over paint or polish wooden cupboards attached to wall because it cause air blockage, which does not let moisture level in wood; coming water sipping in wall, from water pipes in monsoon.

. Because of paint barrier, water sipping from wall, keep on collecting in wooden cupboard; creating appropriate atmosphere for termite development.

. Termite develops in this moistened wood and deteriorate the whole portion of wooden cupboards.

3. Do not make, mistake of making, whole structure of cupboards of wood-

Yes do not, do this mistake because then, you will lose your whole wooden cupboard; when it get termite affected because of air blockage caused by attaching wooden cupboards to wall . And how, this air blockage happens that I told you in above points.

. But, if you make cemented structure of cupboards, except doors of cupboard of wood ; then there will no air blockage channel, which is there; when you attach wooden cupboard to wall.

. But, when there is cemented structure of cupboards except its door of wood ; then air flow channel will be there, which dry moisture in wood and when, there will be no moisture in wood ; then termite won't get right environment, for their development and hence, your cupboards will be safe from termite.

4. Only doors, should be made of wood; rest of cupboard structure, should be made of cement-

Yes, only doors of cupboards, should be made of wood and not whole structure of it and reason for it, I have told you above.

5. Do not make, mistake of making cupboards; near water pipes or water taps-

This is because water sprinkling on wooden cupboards, will happen from water taps and water will keeping seeping into wooden cupboards, from water pipes in monsoon season.

. And, as I said above, where there is moisture , termite develop over there.

. So, avoid making cupboards, near water pipes and water taps; to avoid this water moisture, coming maximum from them.

6. Keep phenyl pills, in cup-boards-

Yes, keep phenyl bills in cup-boards. It will kill, termite developed over there and will also hasten, termite development in cupboards.


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