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Avoid alcohol for a healthy life

February 28, 2015  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.75   Views: 2607

Drinking alcohol is not good for our body. But the number of heavy drinkers are increasing day by day. This is an article which explains how intake of alcohol badly affect the people.


When people start drinking alcohol, they have higher self-esteem and so they think that they can stop it any time that they want to. However, study proves that out of ten eight of the people who start drinking just for time pass or for giving company to others will become social drinkers.

When alcohol intake become a disease those who drink one peg will start to drink two pegs and the people who drink only in festivals and celebrations want to drink once in every month. Slowly, they will start to drink once in every week. Like this way, the interval of alcohol intake will become low.

Alcohol intake becomes a disease when people have great difficulty in controlling their drinking habit. When a person go through the symptoms like inability to stop drinking alcohol, tiredness if they do not drink alcohol, anxiety, depression, physical disturbances like uncontrolled shaking of the hands - it is sure that alcohol intake make him a patient.

Alcoholic Patients:-

The following are some of the symptoms when alcohol consumption becomes a disease.

. The high tendency and uncontrolled desire to use alcohol

. Inability to control the consumption alcohol

. Consumption of more alcohol for a long time than planned

. Lack of sleep when cannot drink alcohol

. Body shivering

. High anxiety

. Neglect of other activities and spending large amount of time for alcohol related activities

. Low self-esteem

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms:-

When heavy drinkers suddenly stop drinking or significantly reduce their drinking habit, then it is called alcohol withdrawal symptom (AWS). If a person, who is addicted to alcohol, suddenly stops this habit, he has to face some physical as well as emotional problems. Inability to sleep, shivering body, sweating, nausea or vomiting, heartbeat, anxiety, tremors, irritability, headache etc are some of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. These symptoms may vary from person to person. These symptoms are the functional difference of the central nervous system when heavy drinkers suddenly stop or significantly reduce their drinking habit.

Medicines are available now to control these symptoms. There are number of De Addiction Centers in our country to provide quality treatment to individuals abusing alcohol. The first step is to reorganize the alcoholic addicted nervous system of the person. This is a preventive treatment from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In the second stage, the treatment is to prevent patient from alcoholic consumption.

Alcohol Badly Affect Our Body:-

Alcohol is like a centipede who injects poison in our body drop by drop. It primarily affects our brain and its functions. In the first peg, there may be drowsiness and small kick. If it continues for a long time, it will seriously affect the brain of the addicted person.

Heart Diseases:-

Heavy intake of alcohol commonly weakens your immune system for three days. Long-term excessive drinking increases the risk of developing heart problems. Excessive drinking can weakens the heart muscles and slow down the functions of the heart. As a result, heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. This condition is called cardio-myopathy. Symptoms of this disease include breathing difficulties, fatigue drowsiness, irregular heartbeat, swollen legs, feet and ankles.

High Blood Pressure:-

Alcohol is a reason for high blood pressure. Drinking too much alcohol produces some emergency hormones in the body of drinkers. These hormones contract their blood vessels. When blood passes through the shrinked blood vessels, it will increase the blood pressure of the drinkers. High level of alcohol consumption is very dangerous for those who have high blood pressure.

Stomach diseases:-

Drinking too much amount of alcohol is the reason for some stomach diseases. Excessive drinking of alcohol is one of the major reasons for a disease called gastritis. This is because alcohol is a toxin that irritates the stomach lining, so that it becomes inflamed. When an individual is suffering from gastritis, sometimes he/she cannot eat food properly because of damaged stomach lining. In severe cases, gastritis may lead to significant bleeding of the stomach and this can cause bloody vomit.

Pancreas is a gland that plays an important role for digestion. Over consumption of alcohol can make damage to the proper functions of this gland and may lead to a disease called pancreatitis. The inflammation of the pancreas is the reason for pancreatitis. Over use of alcohol makes damage to the pancreas and its functions. However, heavy alcohol use may not cause symptoms for many years. Nevertheless, at any time the patient may express severe pancreatitis symptoms.


Alcohol intake reduces the level of glucose in the blood. Law level of glucose in blood may create very dangerous situation in drinker's life. When diabetic patients take the medicines for diabetic, these medicines automatically mix with alcohol and some of these medicines may make some serious side effects for the alcohol addict.

Kidney Diseases:-

Over-consumption of alcohol badly affects the proper functions of our kidneys. The anti-diuretic hormones that conserve the volume of the urine cannot function well because of high intake of alcohol. Then the patients feel dehydration by losing water from their body.


Liver is the most affected part of alcohol in our body. Liver always break down alcohol. When the liver starts to break down alcohol, the resulting chemical reaction may damage its cells. There is inflammation and scarring because of this damage. Patient feels pain in the right side of the stomach. This is the first symbol. However, as more damage occurs, the patient may begin to experience other symptoms like nausea, fatigue, dry mouth, weight loss, fever, confusion, decreased appetite etc. If the patient is ready to avoid alcohol intake completely, liver will reach in normal condition within three weeks.

Alcohol intake makes damage to the liver mainly in three ways: fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. Fatty liver is the condition in which too much fat is formed in some cells of liver because of heavy intake of alcohol. Almost 90% of heavy drinkers have possibility for fatty liver disease. Alcoholic hepatitis is the next stage of fatty liver disease. Inflammation of the liver because of excessive usage of alcohol is called alcoholic hepatitis. It is characterized by enlargement of the liver. Swelling in liver makes damage to the liver cells. Excess amount of discarded bilirubin is formed around the liver cells. Jaundice, vomiting of blood and stomach pain is the common symptoms of alcoholic hepatitis. Alcoholic cirrhosis is known as the most dangerous liver disease. The liver becomes permanently scarred and damaged, preventing it from working properly in this condition. Alcohol-induced cirrhosis is caused by many years of heavy drinking. The more alcohol you drink, the higher your chance to develop alcohol induced cirrhosis. Some of the symptoms of alcoholic cirrhosis are body weakness, loss of appetite, itching, yellow colour of the skin, weight loss, hair falls, bruising easily etc. Stop drinking alcohol is the best way to protect the patient from further damage. If the patient continues to drink, it may lead to liver cancer. An important option to treat a patient with advanced cirrhosis is transplantation of liver.

How Drinking Affect Families:-

Alcoholism is one of the leading reasons of a dysfunctional family. Alcohol intake not only destroys the person who drinks but the entire family. Heavy drinkers lose recognition within the family as well as in the society. A person from royal family destroys the name and status of his family through heavy drinking. Alcoholism is one of the main reasons for divorce in families. Children of alcoholic parents always have poor self-esteem and they have difficulty to mingle with others. Through the effects of alcohol on families, children often feel that they are different and so they always have the tendency to stay away from other people.

In general, the different problems as a result of drinking alcohol is very dangerous. Healthy mind is only in healthy body. Stay away from alcohol is one of the best ways to lead a healthy life.


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