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How to keep your surroundings clean

March 11, 2015  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.35   Views: 1587

This is an article that teaches us the importance of cleaned and hygienic environment.


All of us like to lead healthy life. To lead a healthy life we always try to keep our home and its surroundings clean. This is one of the main responsibilities of today's people. The following are some suggestions that will help you how to keep our surroundings clean.

Avoid all circumstances that cause to increase the number of flies near to your home.

Do not allow children to excrete in open spaces.

During rainy seasons, do not put coconut shells and utensils around your home that can store water inside of them. Mosquitoes can breed in any standing water and can spread some diseases.

Avoid the habit of wasting food items. This is the way to reduce the quantity of waste from kitchen.

Stop the habit of throwing waste by keeping them inside the kit. Wastes from kits may make some diseases for us.

Keep two wastebaskets at home. Put plastic wastes in one-basket and food wastes in the other one. Make compost outside of your home and deposit all food wastes inside of it. Use this compost as a fertilizer for plants. Give plastic waste to recycle.

Do not throw away the plastic bags and kits around your home. Use these things as containers for growing vegetables and plants.

When you go to the market, take a bag to keep the purchased items. If you do not have a bag, tell the shopkeeper to wrap the items that you bought with papers.

Reduce the use of 'use and throw' items like plastic cups and plates. Disposable products will increase the number of wastes.


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