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How to add Quality to our life

April 13, 2015  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 1818

Our personal life is what we make of it and it is in our hands to make it qualitative and worth living for ..


These days we get to hear a lot about quality with respect to everything possible - like for example, quality time, quality homes, quality restaurant and so on. There is also a constant comparison between quantity and quality when things are a bit edgy ! Some people think quantity is quality whereas some others feel that quantity in fact spoils the quality.

Quality is a term used by people to say that they prefer something better than the ordinary and why not? If one wants to have quality in one's life so be it. But how does one go about measuring quality since preferences and tastes are so varied.

The other day while looking at some furniture in a showroom I happened to overhear some comments exchanged between the members of a family who were looking at some furniture. One of them was pointing out and admiring a rocking chair, while the mother looked at the price tag and said - since it cost only Rs. 16,000 , it was probably not good quality. She instead pointed to a gaudy looking Settee in multi-colored Zebra stripes costing over a lakh rupees , insisting that they should buy that since it was of good and high quality because the price was so very high. So, for some money is quality no matter how hideous it may look. But again it is a matter of taste . I guess money compensates for looks and everything else.What I am trying to say is that one must not go by monetary values alone to qualify things.

If we were to think carefully , we will notice that it is the simple pleasures in life that give us satisfaction and make us happy. A simple but tasty meal lovingly cooked at home is any day far superior to a five star meal cooked for commercial purpose. So quality of life does not come with a huge price tag.

Adding quality to life

1,With a little bit of effort we can make our life qualitative by being choosy and analytical instead of being random and careless about our selections. This can be about everything in life. Being choosy and selective also makes your actions qualitative. Make sure that you think about an issue from every angle possible and then only come to a conclusion.

2,Teaching our children to appreciate finer aspects of life like, love for nature, love for animals and concern for the less fortunate will make them caring and more responsible citizens thereby adding quality to the society they live in. People who surround and interact with them would be positively influenced by them and their attitude towards life and people.

3, Money is important in life and we strive to make money so that we make our life more comfortable and secure . Money gives us buying power but what we buy and how we use it is even more important. Saving should be a part of our lifestyle since no matter how much money one earns ,unless a part of it is saved and invested ones financial position can never be completely secure.

4, Being aware of our surrounding is a must. I see some people wasting water by using it carelessly even during the height of summer when the whole city is facing scarcity. The excuse they give is that they pay for it , so how does it concern others ? We need to think beyond this 'I' and 'Me' attitude and think of society as a whole. It is the same with garbage disposal where many home keepers tidy up their home and its immediate surroundings and throw the garbage onto other peoples doorsteps.

5, Never wallow in self -pity ever ! This puts everyone off after the initial stage, if you go on and on about how sad and unfortunate your life is and so on. People will soon get fed up and stay away from you. Instead, if you explore ways to overcome the calamity you are facing and take some constructive steps , you will come out stronger and will also set an example to others who are in similar circumstances.

6, Instilling some discipline into our life always helps in making our life easier especially when there are difficult or tricky situations. Doing our chores on time and being prompt has its own usefulness. Like they say A stitch in time saves nine!

7, Finally, we have but one life and it is in our hands to make it better or wreck it. We need to take control of our lives rather than let others do it for us. Once you draw up certain dos and don'ts , make sure to follow them and make changes from time to time to suit the needs of the time. There is no point in doing things simply for the sake of doing so.

I would like to quote an example here - When we were growing up we were never allowed to venture out of the house after 6 Pm unless accompanied by an adult member. I do not do this now, nor can I insist my children do so because things are far different now. So, we have to accept and adapt and make the most of what is being offered to us.


Our personal life is what we make of it.If we live without any aims and ambitions we tend to get bored and end up being disgruntled with everyone and everything around us. Instead if we take interest in things that matter and in people , we add some quality to our life .Once we have some purpose in our life we will see what a positive difference it can make to our personality !


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