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Tips for parents to guide their children

April 14, 2015  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 1792

This article gives some tips for parents to lead their children in the right path.


Parenting can be the most rewarding work in the life of children. Some tips are given below for parents to improve the quality of their children.

1. All decisions taken by parents regarding their children should be after a joint discussion.

2. Mother never tries to give permission to their children any subject that is already rejected by father. Father can give some remits to children regarding that subject.

3. If there is ego between husband and wife, do not express it in front of children.

4. The decision of parents should be always same. If their decisions are not alike, children will be in confusion to whom to obey. For example, father told his child to continue the study after watching television for few times. At the same time, mother told him/her to watch television only after the examination. Like these circumstances, child does not know to whom to obey. So the decisions of parents never be unique.

5. If parents have any plan to give gift for their child, give it together. Avoid the method of giving small gift from mother and big gift from father.

6. Discuss all family matters and problems with children. If children know that their family is facing financial problems, it will help the children to get reduce their expenses.

7. Parents should give opportunities to their children to choose. It is better to allow your children to choose a dress that they like very much than selecting an expensive dress that you like most.

8. Parents never encourage your children to succeed in any way. Understand the abilities and limitations of your children. Expect from children in accordance with their capabilities.

9. Every day, parents should find out time to spend with their children. Spend time to play with them. It will increase the communication gap between parents and children.

10. Story telling is not only the duty of grandparents. Parents also should find out time for telling stories to their children.

11. Family atmosphere is the prime factor that influences the children. Do not forget that children always try to imitate their parents.

12. If children understood that their parents are always together in happiness and worries, it will help the parents to nurture the mental health of children.

In short, parents can avoid most of the problems, if they can support each other's decision and can take decision in unison. Parents should avoid arguments in the presence of children.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 12/23/2015    Points:5    

Love your children because children are precious creation and gifts of God. Our home is a holy place. The home is a community of hope, faith and charity - a community of love. Parents have the responsibility to bring their children in faith. Parents should teach their children about the right of others, thinking before acting and serving and respecting others. The home is the first place where the parents teach their children about the importance of the spiritual life rather than material life. According to Robert Brault "as parents, we guide by our unspoken example, it is only when we are talking to them that our kids are not listening".

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