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Mouth Ulcer Disease

April 22, 2015  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 2799

This article gives you some brief explanation about a disease called mouth ulcer.


Mouth ulcer is a disease that can affect the people at any stages of our life. Deficiency of Vitamin B Complex is the main reason for ulcer. If sores inside your mouth are in same condition without any cure and continue the pain with no change, you can consider it as ulcer. Low immunization power and stomach related problems could make ulcer among people.


Mouth Ulcer in Children:-

Mouth ulcer can see inside the mouth of children. We can see it on their tongue as well as on their gum also. These sores are normally in white colour surrounded by a bright red area. If this disease affects infants, they cannot eat food properly because of unbearable pain.

The following are some of the symptoms of mouth ulcer that you can see in children:-

1. Flowing water continuously from their mouth.

2. Hesitate to eat food because of severe pain.

3. Always saying the word 'pain' by showing their mouth.

4. Sometimes, they will get fever also.

If children refuse to eat food for many days, they will lose their weight. If this disease affects small children, they cannot explain their difficulties to their parents. So that parents fail to understand the difficulties of their children.

Viruses are formed in our body because of some diseases. These viruses are able to make mouth ulcer in human. Normally a bacterium named 'herpes simplex' makes ulcer in our mouth. If mouth ulcer is affected in children under the age of one, it is called enteroviral infection. The infection in the mouth as well as on the gums is called gingivostomatitis. Mouth ulcer can be formed on the hard palate also.

Mouth Ulcer in Adults:-

Adults are also worrying because of ulcer. If this disease affects people frequently, their immunization power will become low. The possibility of mouth ulcer is very high among smokers and alcoholists. People who are affected by this disease cannot eat food properly because of severe pain. They should avoid too much spicy food to get little relief from severe pain.

The reasons that make mouth ulcer in children and adults are almost same. However, compare to children there are many other reasons for this disease in adults. The wounds and cuts inside the stomach or small intestine of a person can create its reflections on his/her mouth as ulcer.

Important Reasons for Mouth Ulcer in Adults:-

A small bite on the cheek while chewing food, minor cuts inside your mouth as a result of touching the edges of your teeth when you eat food, skin abrasions inside your mouth etc. are some of the reasons for mouth ulcer. The best solution to solve this problem is to consult a dentist to reduce the sharpness of your teeth.
Tobacco and tobacco products are another reason for mouth ulcer. Now a day, the use of tobacco products is too much among teenagers. Some of them purposefully make cuts inside their mouth to get the flavor of tobacco immediately into their blood. If they continue this habit, there is high possibility for mouth cancer. This is not only a disease but also a social evil. Therefore, parents must watch their children always and find out their immoral activities soon. They should take immediate action to save their children from negative activities.

Chickenpox is another reason for mouth ulcer. There is high possibility for mouth ulcer, if you are affected by chickenpox. In this situation, take treatment for chickenpox and no need to take special treatment for mouth ulcer. Whenever you get complete cure from chickenpox, mouth ulcer will automatically disappear from you.

We can see that there are recurrent mouth ulcers in some people. It is difficult to find out the exact reason why mouth ulcers are coming back repeatedly. However, stress and anxiety play an important role for recurrent mouth ulcers. Some of the other factors that may trigger recurrent mouth ulcers are food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, changes in hormones, some toothpaste that contain sodium lauryl sulfate, stopping the habit of smoking etc.

Normally vitamin B Complex tablets are given for treating all kinds of ulcers. If there is no changes after taking these tablets, consult your doctor again and do all other tests that is necessary. Take all your medicines in time immediately according to the suggestions of the doctor.

The canker sores that appear inside your mouth, tongue, cheeks, lips, gums and other parts are not a very dangerous disease. However, these sores make burning sensations inside your mouth. You cannot bear the pain. Because of severe pain, you cannot involve in your daily routines happily. For preventing this disease, you have to include more vegetables and vitamins in your daily food.


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