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Tips to get good sleep

April 28, 2015  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 1764

Good sleep gives proper rest to our body. Six to eight hours continuous sleep is very necessary for healthy body. If our body will not get proper rest, we will fall in disease. This article gives you some tips to get a better sleep.


Energetic personalities of a person attract others in the society. Some special qualities in our characters give us respect and recognition from others within our families, offices and in public places. Even if you are a person with good personality, you can succeed in life only if you can utilize your abilities in proper time. Some people with excellent personalities cannot perform well in interviews and such other occasions. They do not know how to utilize their abilities in time and therefore they fail in life. It is a surprising fact that there are some people who fail in life mainly because of lack of proper sleep. Improper sleep is the main reason for most of the accidents that happen in our life. Children cannot perform well in their studies if they do not get enough sleep. Children should sleep well before they go for examinations, otherwise they cannot perform well in these examinations. To get a good sleep, we must bring our body and mind in a proper way.

Our body releases a growth hormone while you sleep. This hormone can protect our skin from some skin disease and can make our skin glow. All people want a required amount of sleep every day. People who do not get enough sleep always have dull skin because their body do not produce adequate amount of this hormone. We must sleep well to get good appearance and attractive look.

Following are some of the ways to get proper sleep.

1. Plan a fixed time to sleep and should sleep in that fixed time every day.

2. Find out a time to wake up. We should wake up in the same time every day.

3. Arrange everything for the next day before you go to bed.

4. Read an interesting book that give peace to your mind just before you go to sleep.

5. Take bath in lukewarm water before you go to bed.

6. Hearing a light music on bed will give well sleep to you.

7. Do any exercise in simple way. It will slowly lead you in sleep.

8. Drink a glass of milk to get a better sleep.

9. Eat light meal for dinner. You cannot sleep well, if your stomach is full.

10.Recite a night prayer that gives peace to your mind.

If you are get ready to sleep, you want a good mattress to sleep well. A good mattress can lead your mind and body in perfect sleep. Your mattress will be soft and at the same time, it will give full support to your body while you sleep.


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Good sleep gives proper rest to our body. Six to eight hours continuous sleep is very necessary for healthy body. If our body will not get proper rest, we will fall in disease. This article gives you some tips to get a better sleep.

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