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Tips to prevent blood pressure

July 04, 2015  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.30   Views: 1653

Blood pressure is one of the serious diseases of today''''''''s busy life. If we do not give proper care, it will reduce our lifetime in this world. This article gives you some tips to prevent blood pressure.


Blood pressure is in silent mode until it reaches in a dangerous condition. There are no expressive symptoms for this disease. Most of the people who have blood pressure, do not know about their disease in the beginning stages. They are bothered about their worse condition until it reaches in the peak level. In an unexpected time, it may come in the form of heart attack or stroke. In order to prevent lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, we have to follow a healthy life from our childhood.


High blood pressure is one of the main reasons for heart attack. It makes damage to the heart of the patient when there is break in the blood vessels and blood clot in the walls of the coronary arteries. This is the main reason for stroke also. High blood pressure is the main reason of kidney failure. It makes damage to your kidneys. Therefore, that it affects the proper functions of your kidneys. Your eye also can be damaged by high blood pressure. Bleeding within your eyes and vision loss can happen because of high blood pressure. People can lose their memory if there is bleeding from the vessels inside your brain.

This is a hereditary disease. If any members of your family have high blood pressure, it will increase your risk of developing this disease especially if you fail to follow a healthy lifestyle. When you get older, the elasticity of the blood vessels will reduce and will become tighter. In this condition, there is chance for high blood pressure. The possibility of this disease increases with your age. The unhealthy lifestyle like obesity, smoking, alcohol intake, over eating and eating unhealthy food will increase the chance of high blood pressure. People with kidney diseases, hormone imbalances and vasoconstrictions can lead to a host of serious health problems like high blood pressure. Women normally suffer high blood pressure during the time of pregnancy and menopause. Blood pressure is also found in children. Too much food and too little activity are the main reasons of high blood pressure in children. Today, children are away from outdoor games. They do not get any physical exercises. They like to eat fast food than homemade food. In this condition, there is high possibility for getting blood pressure in children.


High blood pressure leads the people to very dangerous diseases. Normally, there are no symptoms during the time of high blood pressure. Palpitation, chest pain and pain in the backside of the head etc are some of the symptoms of this disease.


You can control the blood pressure in certain amount by reducing your body weight, reducing stress, controlling food and exercising regularly. Do not forget to take medicine. If your blood pressure is in low level, you can control it by changing your lifestyle pattern. Do check up in correct time to examine the level of blood pressure.

Give importance to vegetables:-

Including more vegetables in your daily food is an effective way to control blood pressure. Vegetables like beetroot, tomato, spring onion, potato, turmeric, sweet potato, cabbage, carrot peas, cauliflower, spinach, drumstick leaf, hogweed etc can reduce blood pressure from your body. Plantain pith and plantain flower are also very good for controlling blood pressure.

Fishes like sardine, mackerel and anchovy are also good to control blood pressure. Do not fry these fishes to get good taste. Make curry and eat these fishes.

Wheat, almond, different types of cereals, husked rice etc are also good for reducing blood pressure.
Fruits like gooseberry, guava, papaya, orange and plum are very effective to control your blood pressure.

Food that should avoid :-

Fat, salt and sweat increase the level of blood pressure. Therefore, we should reduce the use of these three items. Salt can reduce the expanding power of the blood vessels. When the blood vessels fail to expand, blood pressure of our body increases. The quantity of salt is very high in tin foods, pickles, dry fishes, sauces and some fried nuts. It is better to avoid all these items for our healthy life.


With medicines, doing proper exercise is also very essential to control the blood pressure. When we do exercise, oxygen enters so quickly inside and helps the functions of our heart and lungs. Exercise can reduce the level of blood pressure so quickly from our body. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming etc are very beneficial for controlling blood pressure. Ask your doctor and chose which among these are best for your body to reduce blood pressure.


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