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Reduce School Related Stress

August 04, 2010  by: snowdoll487  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.45   Views: 1216

Children experience a lot of stress while in school. This stress can lead to serious problems. As parents or teachers how to help reduce school related stress


Students worldwide experience a wide variety of school related stress. Students who are doing well in school and doing extracurricular activities and performing their best even in this outside curricular activities may eventually lead to them experiencing fatigue. Some student may experience study burn out... Being under constant stress will lead to you weakening your immune system and be seriously ill.

A student spending so much in studying and spending so much time researching, reading books and working on assignments everyday, with this daily routine a student would eventually feel the stress and pressure. And if this stress keeps filing up it'll be problematic. Fatigue poses a serious problem. Students nowadays don't get enough time to rest, sleep, and eat due to school related pressure-stress and you would end up really sick.

Everyday students are given homework or assignment which is to be done at home and be finished overnight. Homework or assignments are given not only by one professor/instructor but almost on every subject. How long does it take to finish one assignment? And how many subjects does a regular student have? It seems as if a regular student doesn't have enough time for everything. They can't have time to relax after school with all this work. What can be done then?

As a student you must have a schedule. How much time he/she must spend studying and doing his/her assignment on each subject. Which one is easy. You need to organize your notes. and the best secret is time management. Wise time management.

Don't delay in doing your assignments. As soon as you work on your assignments or homework the early you'll finish 'em all. And you'll have enough time to take a few minutes break.

Reading your books and lessons in advance will help you understand your subjects better. Paying attention to your professor and writing down notes of what is being discussed will help you understand your school works better.

It is harmful being in constant stress when it is somewhat needless. Having so much to work on with so little time is unwise. In other words, if your extracurricular activities ain't that important reconsider about getting some of 'em off your work load. Pushing yourself to the limit won't do you any good.

Take time to breathe once in a while.

As parents, it is not bad to want something really great for your children and them to do exceptional in school. But if it is pushing them to exceed their limit it won't do both of you any good in the long-run. Fatigue will catch up with them sooner or later. If you notice that your child is being pushed to the limit at school it would be better to talk to their instructors.

Too much of anything is not helpful and healthy.

Author: Shrihari Sawant        
Posted Date: 08/05/2010    Points:2    

But in this competitive world we have to blame the education system as such in the first place and secondly the parent since the parent also want their child to be master in all the fields and they try to develop their children also in that direction
Author: snowdoll487        
Posted Date: 08/07/2010    Points:1    

Well somehow we are overcrowded with professionals who weren't able to find decent job connected to their finished courses.. ^^

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