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Vedam - Real life

June 13, 2010  by: Rakesh  Points: 15   Category: Movies  Earning $0.20   Views: 1664

Vedam Telugu movie story and review.Vedam the recent movie released in the Tollywood(Telugu Film Industry). It is the movie where other films are lagging to show


Vedam is the recent movie released in the Tollywood(Telugu Film Industry). It is the movie where other films are lagging to show.

It is directed by the talented creative director Krish which is his second film. He has a wonderful gift of narrating the story. His first movie Gamyam(English meaning: Destination) is also a wonderful movie showing real life characters.

Movie plot

It is the first multistarrer film in Telugu. It is based on 5 different real life stories dealing with 5 different people.

Anushka plays the role as Prostitute called Saroja. How prostitute try to survive in the society is clear shown.

Allu Arjun as Cable Raju who is a cable operating boy from lower income class. How lower class boy try to make love with Upper income class for money is clearly shown.

Manoj Bajpai is performing as a Raheemuddin Qureshi who faces lot of opposition from the society. Today Muslims are treating as terrorists by the some stupid people. Why this is wrong is clearly shown.

Manchu Manoj as Rock star called Vivek Chakravarthy. How a normal guy tries for his dream is clearly shown.

An old man Nagaih as old handloom weaver as Ramulu. He has to pay lot of interest for the amount 40000. So the money lender takes his grandson and keep him in work. So for clearing debt, his daughter in law sells her kidney . How very low class people are doing things for paying debt is clearly shown.

These five people struggles in life and finally they all come to government hospital in Hyderabad. This hospital is targeted by Terrorists. Terrorists are planning for bomb blast in Hospital.

Cable Raju and Vivek Chakravarthy try to kill the terrorists and finally they will die. If you want to learn anything then watch the movie.

Author: kdeepti        
Posted Date: 06/18/2010    Points:2    

Thanks for the review on movie "VEDAM".
It is also a multi-star movie starring with Allu Arjun, Anushka and Manchu Manoj Kumar.
Hope this movie would find good place in the movie reviews and many awards.
Author: Rakesh        
Posted Date: 06/27/2010        

Yes Deepti. I think it will get definitely Nandi Award.
Author: kdeepti        
Posted Date: 07/01/2010    Points:5    


I have seen this movie. This is excellent movie that revolves around 5 common citizens, who meet at the very tragedy incident that happens at the Government hospital, because of their fate. This story reveals the common peoples thoughts and how the citizens turns into a real "Hero".
Author: Rakesh        
Posted Date: 07/01/2010    Points:2    

Yes Deepti. It is an excellent film. Hope it gets many awards.
Author: King        
Posted Date: 05/08/2011    Points:6    

Yes Vedam is really a fantastic movie. I did not watch telugu vedam movie. But I watched tamil remake of Telugu vedam. The tamil remake of the film is named as vaanam. Silambarasan has enacted as cable raja. This is the best film in his career. He is really great. The story of the movie is also different. There are 5 branch stories and all the stories meet at one point. The point is the hospital. The climax is really superb. For saving the life of many people cable raja loses his life. Nobody will expect that. The story of the mother who loses her kidney for the education of her child is also superb. Totally the movie is superb. If you watch the movie with an intention your heart will break. My heart was really broken. I did not expect this type of movie from Simbu.

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