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Techniques to increase traffic to your site

August 08, 2010  by: Rachana Mishra  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 1480

Getting regular traffic to your site needs lot of time and efforts. In this article I am giving you 3 basic methods to increase the traffic to your site.


To have regular visitor to your site is one of the most difficult task for the website owner. It requires both time and effort in order to make it work effectively. To generate free web site traffic we need some well proved strategies. There is no other way to generate traffic but to use certain free traffic generation techniques to work as efficiently as possible. In this article I am trying to show you some techniques which if used effectively can generate free traffic to your site. You can at least be sure that if you use these mentioned online marketing strategies then it can really help boost your result and that too without much of your extra effort.

Relevant Blogs:
This is the first way that you should opt for. You should post new blogs to your site as frequently as possible. But remember not to be in hurry in publishing your post to your site. But your blog should have some useful and relevant material. Therefore this technique is not for those people who are short on time and effort. The amazing search engine optimization capabilities of blogging are what make this method so popular. With frequent updates to the site it is reasonable to expect an increase in your search engine ranking which is the best free online advertising you can get. Therefore more frequent you are posting new things to your blog, better it will be for your site. The versatility a blog offers and its ease of use make it hard to ignore for consideration as your primary online marketing platform.

Writing Article:
After blogging the next very effect way of attracting high quality traffic is article writing. In this method you can also build one way links with highly ranked article directories. By using this technique you will be able to build your on line credibility. If you are a good article writer then you can be assured that your article will be in circulation for the indefinite period of time. All that you need to do is to place your link in the resource box and that will be driving traffic to your site. You can even rework a bit on your article and post it as your blog content and even use some of your blog post as articles. In this way you can use your aricle as blog and vice versa.

Create Reports
You can take some older articles written by you on the topic related to your blog or site and put all those article together. Then offer it as free gift in your article resource box. Try to put your article in such a way that together they make sense to the readers. Always make it a point to give a link back to your site in this report. This is in other words a way to 'kill two birds with one stone.

Though it is very true that traffic generation for your site requires a lot of effort. But if you try to keep your focus on the above mentioned strategies then you can be assured to get best results without investing money or much of your efforts. Learning to work smarter and not harder is the quickest revenue to success, and the suggestions above on how to use 3 popular online marketing strategies serves to achieve just that. All the above mentioned techniques are very effective and can surely help you in increasing traffic to your site.

Author: rockstar        
Posted Date: 08/10/2010    Points:1    

You have written a very nice article friend. Article writing can make us money online and also get us visitors for our site.
Author: Rachana Mishra        
Posted Date: 08/10/2010    Points:1    

Thanks for liking my article.
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 01/05/2011    Points:1    

good advice Rachana Mishra. You articles are really full of knowledge.
Author: laratomb        
Posted Date: 09/25/2013    Points:2    

Thanks for the tips...I have already used the SEV(Search Engine Visibility) Service from http://www.thewebpole.com/ and have got the significant results to my website traffic.I will also follow the techniques that you have said to improve my business more effectively.

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