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Maven : A Powerful Multipurpose Build Tool

August 10, 2010  by: Kumaresh  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.65   Views: 1429

Maven is a very popular build tool. It manages builds,documentation, reporting, dependencies and releases. It is very easy to use. This article provides some basic aspects of Maven.


For the big sized projects, it is very difficult to build it manually. Compiling java code, creating jar files and generating java docs is a tedious task. In such cases, it is inevitable to use some build tool to automate the whole process. Maven promises a very smooth build for the project.It not only provides builds but manages documentation, reporting, dependencies and releases.

Maven means accumulator of knowledge in Yiddish language. It is a very popular project management and build tool. It is open source framework. It can be used for many languages like Java, C#, Ruby etc. But mainly it is used to manage and build java projects. It contains a set of build standards, repository model and an engine that maintains the projects. It is a project management framework, which ensures re usability of build logic for all projects.

Features of Maven

1. It is application development life cycle based approach which does compiling, packaging and testing the code.
2.It uses declarative approach to describe project structure and contents. This approach is quite easy to use.
3. Maven is configured by using a plugin-based architecture which helps to control any application from standard input. There are a lot of commands which can do various tasks.
4.It uses a central repository to access the jar files which are required to build the project.

5.It is easy to use and set up, it checks dependencies automatically and download them for you. It is a big relief for coders.

6.It uses XML based POM (Project Object Model).

7.It is customizable. New functionalities can be added without any problems. You can configure maven.xml for new functionalities.

8.Maven provides a lot of project information like cross referenced sources, dependency list, mailing list, log information and unit test reports.

9.It is having very simple project setup. You can create new project in no time.

10.You can work on multiple project simultaneously. Maven takes care all the respective configurations files very intelligently.

11.It is extensible. You can easily add new plugins and you can write plugins in java and other scripting languages.

12.You can create builds in any format for example in jar, war or ear.

13.Project reports and project information can be obtained easily. This is very exciting feature of maven.

Maven Fundamentals:

Project Object Model
It is a basic unit of work in Maven framework. It is an XML representation of project in pom.xml. The project related information and configuration details are stored in pom.xml file. It contains default values for project i.e target of source directory : "src/main/java", task or goals and plugins.

This xml file must contain at least following information:
* project root

Repository is a store which holds software libraries and contains the artifacts on which project depends. Repository helps to share libraries across various projects within an organization. There are two repositories:

Local repository
: It is at local system. It stores all the projects dependency libraries. It contains cache of remote downloads or copy of installation.

Remote repository: It is located at ftp or http server. It is used to share artifacts among the development teams.
Structure of both repository is same and it is transparent to maven user.

They are used to perform various tasks. These are available on demand. Some plugins are as follows :

resources - copies the resource
compiler -compiles java sources
clear - clean the files and directories generated by Maven during the build
deploy - deploy the built artifact in to remote repository
install - it installs the built artifact in local repository
site - create a site for the current project
javadoc - create java documentation for the current project

There are a lot of plugins, which can be used according to the need.

IDE Integration Support

Maven can be integrated with following IDEs

Misconceptions about Maven

There are some misconceptions about Maven like it is a extension of Ant or it is set of Ant scriptlets which is actually Maven not. It is also not site and documentation tool, as some believes. Maven provides an easy approach for updating project installations where third party's plugins also can be used.

It's functionality appears like Ant tool but concept wise it is different. It is very useful tool that reduces duplication of software libraries and reduces the efforts of developer as it shares the libraries among the development teams. It improves the productivity of developers , which ensures the rapid development of the projects.

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 08/13/2010    Points:3    

It is very interesting one. kumaresh.

Maximum tools are available for doing projects. And as well as the projects are also upgraded to new technology.

Some time it is difficult to change entire projects to new one. Developers are only suffering to do all this thing.

any how it will help us to lot for some time. Then new one will come.

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