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Amazing Beaks of Birds

August 10, 2010  by: Kumaresh  Points: 10   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 8913

Beaks or bill helps birds to eat, catch food. Birds also use their beak for grooming and feeding their young ones. This article provides information about beaks of birds.


Have you ever noticed the different types of beaks of birds? It is amazing that each birds' group have different beaks. The type of beak depends on the food habits of a bird. Beak or bill helps them to catch and get their food easily. It is natures amazing arrangement that they have best suited beaks to get the food which they need. It shows not only the type of food they have but it shows the way they get their food.

Birds use their beaks for eating, playing, catching objects, grooming, killing prey, searching for food and feeding their young ones. Beaks are different in size and shape from one bird family to other.

Types of Beaks

There are many types of beaks.

Hooked beaks
Some birds eat nuts and seeds. They have hooked beaks for cracking the nuts and seeds. This kind of beak belongs to Parrot, cockatoo and the love-birds. One strange fact is that these use their beaks for climbing also.

Strong and Sturdy beaks
Some birds have to break the barks of trees for searching insects. They make hole into the tree or wood. Wood-peckers and coppersmiths have strong and sturdy beaks and they use their long tongue to pick insects from the holes. They are able to pick tiny objects.

Short, hard and horny beaks
The birds which eat grains and powder , have short, hard and horny beaks. Fowls, pigeons and sparrows have such beaks. Through this beak they remove husk from grain easily and pick up grain and eat it.

Hard, sharp and curved beaks
The birds which eat flesh, have hard, sharp and curved beaks. They have to tear the flesh of their prey by using their beaks. Hawk and owl have such kind of beaks.

Long curved beaks
Hoopoe has this kind of long curved beak. They search their food in the ground by making holes. They eat worms.

Soft broad beaks
Some birds use a tactics to catch their prey. Hence they have broad beaks. They keep open their beaks during flying and insects get stuck to their beak. They eat them. Example of such bird is Swallows.

Broad and flat beaks (spoon like beaks)
Birds like duck, the swan and the goose have this kind of beaks. They use their beak for getting food and digging the bottom of the pond also. This beak is just like spoon. It helps them to catch insects into water. They open their mouth and fill water into it and then close it; only water alone comes out.

It is amazing world of birds. Nature is full of wonders. Its every object is fascinating and unique. So birds' beak is.

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 08/11/2010    Points:1    

h kumu good article.
I think tools and Spanners are made after saw this, for our use
keep it up
Author: Sridevi        
Posted Date: 08/12/2010    Points:1    

HI Kumaresh-A Good review on the beaks of birds..:)
Author: kalyani        
Posted Date: 08/13/2010    Points:1    

Good one Kumaresh, Yes Mathi nature has all the kinds of tools, they are well equipped to deal with everything that comes their way!
Author: pruthviraj        
Posted Date: 08/18/2010    Points:1    

Yes realy good articals.

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