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How Parents Can Help Their Child Grow Intellectually?

August 10, 2010  by: writerslist  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 1847

This article details about few simple things that parents can do to help their child grow better.


It is a well known fact that the 50 percent of our learning ability is developed at the age up to 5 years and about 20 to 30 percent by the age of 8 years. A child is born with hundreds of billion brain cells. It's not the amount of brain cells that matters, but the number of connections made through them decides the intellectual factor. These connections are made by the experiences and stimulations. So it is important to prompt your child's thoughts by providing a stimulating and fun learning environment that will help in the brain development.

According to Doctor Howard Gordner of Harvard University, the basic intelligences have been identified as:

Nature Affinity

By providing the child with the right sort of fun filled activities and purposeful plays, we can help him grow better. The left side of the brain mainly deals with the logical, linguistic and reasoning skills, where as the right side deals with the arts, music and rhythm. Both sides of the brain should work together effectively for attaining well-rounded development for the child.

What Parents Can Do?

Fun, love and security play a vital role in a child's development. Along with these, correct set of stimulations would help them grow intellectually and independently.

. Provide the baby with toys that would help in gaining motoring skills and activities. Toys like building blocks, balls, toy cars, stacks and so on. All these will improve the physical abilities of the baby.
. Introduce children's books at an early stage. Narrate stories to them, read the storybooks aloud and encourage them to read. This would help the child to improve his vocabulary and comprehension and helps him to have better linguistic skill.
. Sing songs and nursery rhymes which are appealing to the kids. This helps in gaining a better grasp of rhythm and music.
. Teach them about colors. Try to make them sort things based on its colors. This enables them to master visual-spatial capabilities.
. Introduce the mathematical concepts to young kids by encouraging them to count the number of fingers they have or their toys. It is always better to use things and ideas which the kids can touch and feel.
. Show them the photos taken at their 1st birthday or other events and explain the event and people in the photos. It gives an indirect message to the child about how important he/she is. It develops self esteem and introspective skills.
. Have fun with your kids. Provide them laughter, fun, love and care. It creates a deep bonding between you and the baby.
. Take your child to nature parks or garden and let him explore. Enjoy the beauty of flowers and the greenery together with your child. This helps them to grow as nature lovers.


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