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Be the in charge of your LIFE !!

June 14, 2010  by: Kumaresh  Points: 40   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 1657

This article is about how to become in charge of your life. It contains certain easy guidelines to become the master of your destiny.


Are you in charge of your life? Are you living your life in your own terms?

Surprisingly people often claim that they can read other people's mind and changed others' thoughts and feelings. But what about themselves. Have they ever tried to change their own behavior pattern, their thoughts and their feelings? Very rarely people tried on themselves. They just boast about themselves as a great reader or consultant for others problems. But in reality, It is very rare to find a person who dare to see his own shortcomings. Why do people fear to become in charge of their thoughts, behaviors, feelings and actions? A million dollar question!!

Just think! If we are able to change others, we do not need to change ourselves and everything in our life will be great and pleasant. Our relations would be great, our actions would be great, our life would be great. But is it so? In fact it is far from reality. If we want to change others first we have to look ourselves. We have to become in charge of our life, not others'.

The quality of your life depends not on what other do, say, think or behave; but on what you do, say, think or behave. Just take an example; If you are in anger, what do you do at that time? What are your thoughts? How do you behave in such an ugly mood? You would be very upset to everyone and everything. Even non-living things will look like enemy. That's why some people throw the things whatever they have in hand or nearby.

So now it is your emotions, which makes you behave accordingly. Whether you are angry, frustrated, sad, happy, enthusiastic, joyful or whatever the emotions are. You will feel it and act in a way you are feeling. Above all you think it is a normal phenomenon. But actually it is not.

You need to control your emotions rather emotions control you. You should be in charge of your emotions, behaviors, thoughts and your actions for getting positive results. It is possible. There are certain easy guidelines to follow for getting ultimate result.

Guidelines :

Switching Exercise

This is very good exercise for making you in charge of your thoughts. You can do it anywhere at any time. Before starting it just take a deep breath. Release it. Do it for few moments.

1 . Think some calming thoughts like waves, mountains, and breeze.

2 . Now switch your thought to a happy thought. You can visualize about a funny movie or some funny incidence or something that makes you happy.

3 .Switch to an angry thought. You can think about the incidence that makes you angry like someone insulted you or somebody treated you very rudely.

4 . Switch back to the point 1 i.e. calming thoughts, and repeat the whole process.

At the time of switching from one thought to other thought, you can think of a remote control that you switch to different channels. Do it daily as much as you can. The more you practice this exercise more you will become aware of your state of mind and able to change it according to the situation.

There is another very powerful exercise.

Visualize yourself

Have you ever visualized yourself interacting with somebody? If not yet! No problem! You are going to do it from today onwards. Just sit calmly and close your eyes and put yourself in a situation where you are conversing with someone. Just see how you talk, how you stand, how you walk. Be the observer of your words, your facial expressions.
Continue to observe yourself regularly. Every time make minor changes during next exercise. Visualize yourself, as you want to be. This will shape you in a person you are dreaming for.

So these exercises have potential to change you, if you do them sincerely and with full enthusiasm and determination. They will make you in charge of your life. You will be the master of your destiny.

Author: Shrihari Sawant        
Posted Date: 09/22/2010    Points:2    

You are right it is very easy to look into other people life and asked them or advice them to get change Very nice article and there is something one can grab from this article
Author: Dhanurdhar        
Posted Date: 03/23/2011        

A good article.

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