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How To Keep Our Environment Clean and Green?

June 14, 2010  by: winindia  Points: 20   Category: Environment  Earning $0.30   Views: 2457

To keep Global warming in control we have to keep our environment clean and green.


Global warming is now hot discussion around the world.

Developed country,developing country and undeveloped country blaming o each other but they are forgetting that common man suffering from all these Global warming effect and world is in the path of destruction.

We have to save word from destroying atleast for our Next generation.

Cause of Global warming?

Human being is mostly responsible to increase the green house gas which cause of this Global warming.

Due to increase in number of cars (which runs on petrol or gas)emits carbon di-oxide and also we generate electricity by burning coal which also emits carbon di-oxide.

And due to cutting of trees Less tree means less conversion of carbon di-oxide in to oxygen.

So human is enemy of another human being and of society.

So To save the world from Global warming and Green house gas effect we have to plant ot many trees which will convert carbon di-oxide in to Oxygen

Author: Abhisek Acharya        
Posted Date: 06/18/2010    Points:2    


I have written on Nuclear Disaster

Author: BrainChip        
Posted Date: 07/02/2010    Points:2    

I think global warming debates are a blunder by so called environmentalists.

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