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Steps To Build a Website

August 12, 2010  by: Rachana Mishra  Points: 12   Category: Design  Earning $0.50   Views: 1490

Website must be preapared in such a way that it attracts more and more visitors.In this article I am trying to present to you all the steps to make a website.


Building an impressive and attractive website is very important step if you want to earn money online . If you have a perfect website then its not difficult to earn money online. Always remember that a website presents to people all over the world your opinion and character. You website should be prepared in such a way that it attracts more and more people and make sure that they come again and again. Visitors are most important for a website and it should be prepared keeping them in mind. It should not have a complicated look but simple and attractive websites are best. There is no need for any specific special skill for creating a website. You can create a website in WYSIWYG format and can add videos and pictures for making it more attractive. Before creating a website there are some points that you need to keep in your mind. The most important thing of all is that the content of your website should be fully original. Never ever go for copying content of any other website. This is something which is not at all liked by Adsense. Therefore before starting to create a website research on the topic meticulously and thoroughly so that you can have enough of data and document from the internet and other sources on the topic on which you want to make your website. Never ever think of making a website by copying the content of others website. So must remember that you have good content and that too original before you create a website. Here I am giving you steps so that you can start and build your website easily and impressive too.

Research the topic first:

First of all decide the subject which will prove beneficial and useful for the visitors of your site. Also make sure that the topic which you are going to research for should be the topic on which you will be able to create a lot of pages and information. Researching a topic is a very time consuming work therefore never be in a hurry in deciding. A website with lots of information is better than one page website which finds difficult to find a place in search engine. Researching a topic is a very time consuming work therefore never be in a hurry in deciding. The main goal of any webmaster is to find a place in the search engine therefore it is very important that you select a topic or subject that has enough scope for improvement. If you want to increase your chances to be found in search engine, you must improve and add pages to your site. This increases your chances in finding a place in the search engine. Try to gain more and more knowledge about the topic of your website that you are going to create so that you can be called an expert.
After selecting your topic now you are ready for crating your website.
There are many steps involved in creating a website. You will be able to create an impressive website by following these steps. Below I am trying to explain in simple words the steps for making a website.

Research for more pay words(CPC)

We all want to make money and increase our profit and that is the only reason for us being here. Thus we need to make everything that is required to improve our earning. So do a good research before deciding on the subject on cost per click. First let us understand what Cost per Click is. Cost per click means how much you receive per clicks that happen on Adsense ads displayed in your website. There are many other private players who also offer this service. For that you can enter a keyword in Adwords and can get the cost per click for the term and related terms. In that way you will get the idea to design your website on those keywords on which you will get more pay.

Select keywords:

Next step for creating your website is the selection of your keywords. You will have to select your keywords based on Cost per Click. Always remember that you need to design your website on the basis of popular keywords also not only on the basis of CPC. For that you can select the popular keywords on keywords tools like word tracker. Sometimes it happens that those keywords which are very high on CPC does not even figure in keywords tool. So always take a middle path and choose such keywords that are very high in CPC and very popular in word tracker.

Now concentrate on Subject;
After you have decided about your keywords now you need to concentrate on the subject for your website. Always remember that your research for CPC and keywords should be based on the subject of your website. Go for those subjects which are much profitable for you and you have passion for that subject. Don't go for such subjects for which you have least knowledge because you will need to improve your website and its content continuously. And for that you need to have full knowledge about your subject.

Need of a Domain name:

The domain name of your website should be related to the subject around whom you are building your website. You can buy the domain name from the hosting plan provider. Think over the domain name before you buy it. For example if your site is giving the ideas to its visitors to make money online then your websites domain name should be something like Make Money Online.

Now need to decide on the domain hosting plan

The next step that you need to take is to decide on the domain name and whether you are going for a free hosting plan or professional plan. There are many sites offering free hosting but free hosting sites have difficulty in getting approval with Adsense. So, I would suggest for you to go for very cheap hosting plan to start with. But if you are not in a hurry and want to gain experience first then you can opt for any free hosting plan such as freewebs.com and go for it for the time being.

Now build your website;

Now is the time to build your site. Try to make it attractive and simple to your visitor. If you go for too much of graphics then your page will take more time to load. Therefore always try to go for simple graphics. You can select a template which is readily available to you or can create one on your own. Add extra pages for more extra details.Make website in such a way that it gives your visitors what they want in a glance and he can read it easily.

Now comes the time to publish your site:

After finishing all the steps now is the time to publish your site. You just need a simple click and with that you are online. To avoid any simple and small mistake don't forget to go through your website. Thoroughly check all the pages so that you don't publish your site with any mistake.

Make improvement to your website:

After creating and publishing your website, don't forget to update it time to time. Always try for some improvement and add useful information for your visitors. Regular publish new posts and keep it fresh. This will help you in getting more visitors coming back to your site again and again for more. Always remember that updating your website is the most important step in the creation of your website.

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 08/13/2010    Points:1    

good article

keep it up dear
Author: Sagar        
Posted Date: 08/22/2010    Points:1    

Good article.

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