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Importance Of Life Insurance

June 14, 2010  by: winindia  Points: 25   Category: Investment  Earning $0.40   Views: 1481

Life Insurance is most important things for human life


What is life Insurance?

Life Insurance is a service which will protect the family of Earning person from any Unpredicted accident.

life insurance concept starts from risk sharing factors.
Some people will pay some premium when any of them will die then some money will be given to his/her family so that they can spend there life in a better way.

How much Insurance need for a person?

Generally people do not like do Life Insurance because they do not aware about the benefit of it.

They think what will happen after there death but they forget that Insurance can help his son to get complete education and can help his daughter to get married after his death also.

Generally People do Insurance of very less amount which is equal to there Annual Income .
Indian middle class people Generally Do Life Insurance of Rs 1 lakh or 2 lakh which will be spend with in 12 months.

then after 12 months who will be taking acre of his family.

SO Life Insurance should be (thumb rule) 5 times annual income of a person.
Suppose a person is Earning Rs 3lakh per annum that person shroud be insured worth Rs 15 lakh minimum so that after his pass away also till 5 year there family can run smoothly and with in that 5 year they will find out some other source for earning .

Author: Shrihari Sawant        
Posted Date: 09/22/2010    Points:2    

There are many factor the person should do the insurance the first being to protect the family from uncertaincy that may arise after his/her death There are different types of Insurance plan available now a days
Author: Marlo E.        
Posted Date: 07/05/2012    Points:4    

Around the world life insurance are almost part of every human being. In America mostly all of them are having life insurance because they are thinking about the future. Every country having own proceedure, system and benefits according to the stated policy.

I remember when I was small child, I heard my mother said my insurance will lapses or matured when starting my college so that money concerning or save from that insurance are using to my college.

But later on in now a days there many insurance companies are fraud, specially if the insurance plan is concern in educational plan.

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