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June 14, 2010  by: Kumaresh  Points: 40   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 1594

We should possess certain keys to achieve success. This article explores those keys of success.


Everyone wants to succeed in every sphere of the life. Whether it is personal life, business life, social life, or spiritual life, we want to conquer all the fronts. No body wants to taste the bitterness of failure. But still we have more failure stories than success stories. Why? Does it mean failed persons are lacking something? Or what keys a successful persons possess. A successful person does same thing in different way. Way is different, Attitude is different. Their mind setup is different. But it doesn't mean a person who has encountered failure several times, can not taste the success. He can improve himself and can turn himself into a successful person.

Let us explore the keys to success one by one:-

Attitude: This is the most important key to get succeed. A person must have positive attitude. Without a positive attitude success is impossible. Positive attitude attracts positive things in life. Mind is like a magnet. If you think negatively you get more negative thoughts from your surroundings. Positive attitude is a key factor to relish the nectar of success. Affirmation can be used to improve the positive attitude.

Passion: You must be passionate to achieve your goal. It is a drive force which keeps you going even in difficult time. A passionate person always thinks about his goal, about his success. He never deviates from the path. He keeps alive his burning desires to get success. Such person is hungry for success. He can sacrifice anything for getting it.

Self-confidence: Self-confidence is very important in every aspect of life. If you think you can, YOU CAN. Your behavior, your way of speaking reflects the degree of your self-confidence. You should not underestimate your capabilities. If you are not confident, you can build it by your efforts. Positive thinking will play a big role to develop your confidence.

No-comparison: Never ever compare yourself with others. If you do so, there are chances to get demotivated and distracted. You may diminish your enthusiasm. They are different so how you can compare yourself with them. It is not fair. Compare yourself with you only. You are the one and only competitor of yourself.

Persistence: You must be very persistent regarding your efforts towards success. You must cultivate habit of persistence. It helps to touch great heights in life. Failure is unacceptable for the persistent person. Whatever obstacles you come across never let down yourself. Just go on with determination. Your consistent action will lead you in the direction of your goals and you will be able to materialize your dreams in reality.

Self-discipline: You must know what you need to do. It would be better if you make a list of all the 'DOs'. If any thing that is unnecessary, don't hesitate to discard it. Follow whatever is leading in the direction of achieving your goal. However it is not easy task to be disciplined all the time. But successful person never compromise with it. So use your willpower to do what you are supposed to do.

Author: winindia        
Posted Date: 06/14/2010    Points:2    

Self confidence is most important for success any field.
If you have self confidence then you can achieve other things very easily
Author: Sushila S Iyengar        
Posted Date: 06/21/2010    Points:5    

Hello Kumaresh,

Well written article on the keys of success. Well compiled and presentation is also crisp.

The readers will be benefited when read your article.

I would like to add a key factor for success is "TIME". Time plays a vital role in one's life. Everything whatever we do, is related to a time limit. One should keep this factor of TIME in mind as it is one of the keywords for success.

Some examples :

If you don't finish your exams within the specified time limit, you will suffer.
If you can't catch the train of flight on time, you will not reach the destination in time.
If you don't appear for an interview at the given time, you will loose the chance.
If you don't reach the patients to the hospital well in time, the consequence can cost their lives also.

Author: Justeen        
Posted Date: 04/02/2011        

Good article. I like all the points.

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