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Ways to co-wash your long black hair

August 20, 2010  by: Rachana Mishra  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 2258

In this article I am giving you ways by which you can have clean hair without shampooing your hair daily which can strip your hair the much needed moisture and oil.


If you are having natural black hair then you need to take special care for your hair to stop breakage, tangling at the end and dryness. Excess shampooing your hair for keep your scalp clean may prove harsh for your hair. To maintain the natural beauty of your hair you can go with conditioner wash. By this you can keep your hair soft and manageable and there is no restriction for going for co-wash. You can co-wash your hair as per your wish. You can even do it many times in a day without any bad side effects. But before you go for co-wash of your hair there are some basic things that you need to know so that you will get maximum benefits by opting for this method of cleaning your black hair.

I am giving below fundamentals that you should know before you co-wash your hair.

First know your hair type:
Before you opt for any conditioner it is very important that you know what type of hair you have. You can find about your hairs type with the help of online search. You can search for 'Hair Type' on the net and can narrow your hair type to one or two categories. After knowing the exact type of your hair, it will be easier for you to understand that what type of conditioner will suit your hair. In that way you will be able to invest on the best suitable conditioner available in the market for your hair type.

Look carefully at the label on the conditioner:
You will find that there is a long list of ingredients on the label of the conditioner and there may be many of them with which you are not familiar. Few ingredients that are common in almost all the conditioners are propyleneglycol, cetyl alcohol and panthenol. For the ingredients list that is suitable for your hair type you can search on line too. Then go with the conditioner with the familiar ingredients suitable for your hair type.

Always choose warm water for rinsing:
It is better to rinse your hair with water than cold water. But don't go for hot water as it will harm the root of your hair. After applying shampoo and conditioner rinse your hair with warm water and always use your hand like a comb while rinsing your hair with warm water.

Now after knowing all these basic things I am giving you certain ways by which you can apply your conditioner.

1) Stretch your palm and pour a line of conditioner in your palm. It is a wrong concept that one should only take a drop of conditioner for her hair. Then part your into sections and apply it from the roots of your hair till the tips. Continue doing it till you have covered your hair fully.

2) Other way of applying conditioner is that you can pour a normal amount of conditioner into a plastic large bowl and then mix water in that bowl very well with your hand. Then you can bend your head over that bowl and take a small container, and pour the mixture from the bowl over your hair. In this way you will be able to apply the conditioner more evenly as it is diluted. But remember that being diluted the conditioner may not give the same result as the direct applying of the conditioner gives you.

3) You can even pour some of the conditioner into one spray bottle and then mix water with it. Whenever you wish to co-wash your hair you can spray it evenly over your hair. This is most suitable method of applying conditioner for them who doesn't have too much time in their hand in the morning. They can spray the conditioner over their hair and rinse it with warm water after they have taken their bath.

After applying conditioner on your hair by using any of the above mentioned method, don't be in a hurry to wash it off. Let your conditioner set on your hair for some time then rinse your hair well with warm water. Use your fingers like a comb when you are rinsing your hair so that there will not be any entangle end in your hair.
Now, it's time to dry your hair. For that you can either dry with a towel or just shake your hair well and let it dry on its own. You can even blow dry your hair ,but for that you need to be carefully so that your hair doesn't get too much heated, as that will be very harmful for your hair and your hair can get damaged.

By following these few steps for co-washing your hair you can have clean head of hair without wasting too much of time. Continuous shampooing your hair can damage your hair and your hair can become dry and unmanageable. But with co-wash you can have soft and manageable hair which will enhance your beauty.


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