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One word substitutes for some important scienctific terms

August 22, 2010  by: Sushila S Iyengar  Points: 15   Category: General Science    Views: 1863

We all must have studied General Science. Let's refresh our memory and find out "one word substitute for some important subjects of science"


1. The science of origin and growth of language ... Philology
2. The science of human mind ... Psychology
3. The Science which deals with the investigation of
ultimate reality .. Philosophy .
4. The science of articulate sounds - Phonetics
5. The sdicence of the earth's crust, its composition,
structure and history of its development = Geology
6. The science which deals with the state and its government - Politics
7. The science of valid thinking = Logic
8. The science of the evolution and Constitution of human society - Sociology .
9. The science of magnitude whether linear or superficial or solid with their
properties and relations and space ... Geometry
10. The science of internal structure of metals - Metallography
11. The science of wealth - Economics
12.The science of bodily structure -- Anatomy
13. The science of teaching ... Pedagogy .
14. The science of Industrial arts... Technology
15. The science of life in all its phases - Biology .


Author: kalyani        
Posted Date: 08/23/2010    Points:1    

Good information Sushila!
Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 08/23/2010    Points:1    

Nice information Mam. thanks. write more.
Author: Pragnesh Agola        
Posted Date: 08/25/2010    Points:1    

i like it madem
add more about it
Author: willylive        
Posted Date: 09/01/2010    Points:1    

You wrote an interesting stuff, as well as an interesting way to write and I'd encourage you to write further.

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