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The Dreadful Depression - Simple ways to Cope!

August 22, 2010  by: khanz  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 1162

Depression slows down your energy & productivity levels, it exhausts your drive , it effects your hope - you can overcome the stubbornly persistent depression - it's YOU that can change the world around you!


We attract the depression through our endless desires and hopes, and we only can make a huge difference by overcoming it, with simple and manageable changes in our lifestyle.






The key to depression recovery is to initiate with few small goals, gradually build from your existing resources.

Start yourself one day at a time, you will be surprised about your accomplishments. Your achievements and accomplishments will pile up rapidly.

NEVER FEEL THAT 'THIS IS THE END OF THE ROAD' - it's always a NEW day awaiting you!

Do not isolate yourself from your loved ones, they indeed love you!

You don't have time for them because of your isolation- neither they have time for you! Thus, never neglect your relationships.

Do not turn your back to your trusted friends and family members, share everything with them, seek their support and help if required. They are the only ones who could defy your depression.

Associate yourself with social activities even if you don't prefer to!

Change your monotonous & fixed lifestyle - make a point to meet a friend daily.

Schedule your week, your day, your hour....you shall see the change within and around you.

Visit a church, be a part of congregation at least twice a week, be regular to your work-outs. A healthy body & mind nurtures confidence in you.

Become a book-worm, play with your pets, watch TV, manage and write your diary daily.

Keep a part of the day for YOGA & MEDITATION, which is a essential source of beating stress, depression and anxiety.

AT WORK - try to analyze the factors of your stress and depression. Once you analyze you will be able to beat your stress.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - None can bring you peace, except yourself!

Enjoy life as it comes! Have a strong belief that LIFE IS A ONE-TIME OPPORTUNITY, live it fullest!

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 08/24/2010    Points:1    

nice tips

good keep it up dear
Author: rockstar        
Posted Date: 08/24/2010    Points:2    

Depression is really bad for health. You could have got good credits for your article if you would have written it in a good style. Dont leave gap after every line and please use capital letters properly. Hope you do not repeat mistakes.
Author: pruthviraj        
Posted Date: 08/26/2010    Points:1    

nice tips good work dear keep it up
Author: willylive        
Posted Date: 09/01/2010    Points:1    

Thanks Khanz, was reading your article reminds me that humbled when I was in pain.

You really useful article is written in the subject.
Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 04/10/2015    Points:5    

Depression is an emotional state characterized by exaggerated feelings of sadness, dejection and helplessness. This is because major losses tend to take place in the later stages of life eg. medical illnesses, changes in physical status, loss of income on retirement, death of parents and friends, loss of life partner and changes in accommodation arrangements.

The common symptoms of depression include a recent change in mood, especially pessimism, gloom and loss of cheerfulness. There may be poor concentration, lethargy, loss of interest in activities, a sense of guilt, changes in appetite and sleep. Depression can also cause memory changes.

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