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Neem Tree (Indian Lilac) : The Divine Gift

June 15, 2010  by: Kumaresh  Points: 25   Category: Health  Earning $1.50   Views: 3285

This article is about the divine tree 'Neem' and its benefits.


Every one knows about the Neem tree. It doesn't need any introduction. It is known as Margosa tree in English and its biological name is Azadirachta indica . The meaning of its biological name is "The free tree of India". In Sanskrit it is known as Nimba . It grows very fast and it can reach to a 70 feet. It mostly grows in tropical and semi-tropical regions like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

It is very famous herb of India and it is being used for medical purpose from ancient times due to its miraculous powers of healing. Every part of the Neem tree contains medicinal properties. Its flowers are used as vegetables also in India. That is the reason it is known as "Divine Tree " also.

Benefits of Neem tree :

1. Neem twigs are used for brushing teeth. It is a very good dental care practice. Neem oil is used for preparing various cosmetics items also like soap, shampoo and creams. Neem oil is also good for skin disorders and it keeps skin fresh. It is useful to prevent Acne vulgaris skin disease.

2. It is well known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti fungal, anti parasitic and anti-diabetic properties. Daily consumption of neem extract keeps digestive, respiratory, urinary system and circulatory system healthy.

3. It works as blood purifier. Eating raw leafs everyday helps to get rid of toxic elements from blood. It removes the dark circles under the eyes also.

4. It is also a de-worming agent, means it removes worms from intestine if consumed regularly for certain period of time and It ensures the healthy functioning of intestines.

5. Neem oil is very good for hairs. It can be used to prevent gray hairs, hair fall and dandruff. It kills the bacteria and viruses that cause various diseases. Neem oil is an effective mosquito repellent also.

It is very good for the diabetic patients also. It keeps blood sugar level in control. Neem gum is used for preparing various food items for diabetic patients.

7. Taking bath in the neem tree water is very good to keep yourself healthy and fit. You keep yourself away from the infections.

8. It improves immunity power of body. It helps to cure ulcers also.

9. It is very good for pregnant woman. It smooths the delivery process.

Author: Rakesh        
Posted Date: 06/16/2010    Points:2    

You wonderfully presented about Neem Tree kumaresh. I don't know the that Neem tree has such benefits.

Can you explain the 7th point ? what is Neem tree water ?
Author: meensatwork        
Posted Date: 06/16/2010    Points:5    

I think it is nothing but drop few leaves to the water for sometime.
Two points i would like to add here:
1. Usually people tie the neem leaves in the entrance of the house to indicate that somebody in the house is affected with chicken pox. Also neem leaves are gently touched on the marks of the patient affected with chicken pox.
2. When pregnant ladies go out in the night, they used to keep neem leaves in their hair (like a flower).It is believed that bad things or evils wont affect them.
Author: Kumaresh        
Posted Date: 06/16/2010    Points:5    

Thanks Rakesh!
Thanks Meean for adding more points.

Neem Tree Water : Take 2 or 3 twigs of neem. Put in to the water and boil it for some time. Now Neem tree water is ready. You have to mix it into the water and take bath. It is also called Neem Leaf Water.
Author: Swethashenoy        
Posted Date: 07/20/2010    Points:2    

Hai Rakesh,

When the neem leaves are boiling in the water,make sure you remove the leaves after they turn light brown or dark brown color.This indicates that the neem has mixed it quality in the water.You can follow the instructions given my Meenakshi and Kumaresh
Author: Kumaresh        
Posted Date: 07/22/2010    Points:1    

Thanks Swetha for adding one valid point in the description of Neem Tree Water.
Author: kalyani        
Posted Date: 07/29/2010    Points:4    

Good article, Kumaresh. Neem is also considered as the Kalpavriksha!!

In Maharashtra, new year - Gudhi Padwa is celebrated in which Neem plays a significant role. The neem twigs and neem flowers are tied around the Gudhi and on this day, a crushed mixture of Neem leaves, dhaniya (Coriander seeds), Cumin seeds and jaggery is eaten. Since this is the beginning of the Spring season and with Summer tto follow soon, this mixture is taken to keep the body cool and prevent heat-related ailments away.
Author: Loraine Dela Cruz        
Posted Date: 02/06/2011    Points:3    

It is continually very critical to keep the body healthy. This preference elect confident the other parts of the body to be successful right such as we training day after day. Appreciation pro this very informative and hefty article. Continually construct a very informative article so to other folks preference benefit from the in rank to you share.
Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 10/03/2013    Points:3    

Neem is known to have medicinal qualities and also is a mosquito repellant. By burning the twigs and dry leaves of the neem tree , in our garden we can hope to get rid of mosquitos and other insects and pests ...Adding a few drops of neem oil to hot water and keeping it in the corner of the room also helps in getting rid of insects like Cockroach ,house flies and mosquitoes

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