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How to increase Laptop Battery Life?

June 15, 2010  by: meensatwork  Points: 25   Category: Software  Earning $0.50   Views: 1547

The article describes a way to increase the batter life of laptops


This method may slowdown the system a little bit. It can be used when you are working only with the battery and there is no external power.

The below procedure is for windows vista. I hope there will be a similar option available in other operating systems also.

1. Go to the windows desktop.
2. Right click it and select Personalize text and click it.
3. A window appears with many options. Click the link Screensaver from it.
4. A dialog box appears on the screen. Under the category 'Power Management' click the option Change power settings.
5. A new window appears on the screen showing the power plans available for the system.
6. Select the option Power saver. You can change the plan settings for this by clicking the link change plan settings below the text 'Power Saver'.

There is one more easier method available to reach this menu.
1.Click Start-> Control Panel
2.Select the Power Options and double click it.
3. A new window appears on the screen. Do as mentioned in point 6 above.

Author: Jayen        
Posted Date: 06/22/2010    Points:2    

Good article keep it up buddy
Author: goodboy        
Posted Date: 06/26/2010    Points:2    

thanks for this timely post.keep posting and making earnings.
Author: winindia        
Posted Date: 07/10/2010    Points:2    

My Laptop is of only six month and I use it for more than 10 hours and now battery has some problem with out connecting it to electricity its not working,so do I have to change the battery or can I repair this one?

Is there any procedure to increase battery life for XP windows

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