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Google Apps: 5 Things You Should Know

August 28, 2010  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 788

Now is the use of Google software on the Internet more than 2 million companies. Google Apps to use for your business.


Google package wing leading desktop applications when it comes to the Internet. Susan Klein, Daito, the Manassas, VA-based Google Apps to learn and a board member of retail, said: "Google Microsoft and Lotus applications, such as competition and productivity suites.

A crucial factor in the establishment of small businesses with Google Apps for the cost of a taxi. Microsoft Office Small Business costs 2010 280 dollars, while the management of the Office of Professional $ 500 per license. Years, annual costs for each user of the Premier Edition of Google Apps, $ 50. Says Klein: "The fact that buying some companies, licenses or server on the host site for jobs in the household. Google, after more than 2 million companies with thousands of people every day, which accumulate in Google Apps and use. There is still some confusion about the concept of cloud computing as a whole.

It is still undecided about Google Apps? Here are five things you should know about.

1 Is it Gmail.

Gmail from Google Apps group, movie star, but can cast, the Google calendar, documents, video sites, and contains a set of supporting a shaft surrounded by applications. Google mail, calendar, speak for themselves. Includes word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations, images and forms. Creating a site or sites can be used from the Wiki collaboration in building an intranet. Google Video on your Web hosting needs and trends within society, including the handles partnership with the private sector. Games mailing lists, documents and other joint projects. Ola vague communication and real-time collaboration tools that Google has recently announced that they do not stop the project. You can take a test, but may not always be available.

Many of these applications for the general public, but there are many features of applications, complemented by the professionalism and control, and not to the detriment of consumer's different - different signature. Google Apps, if you have the use of the@gmail.com and use are your domain name. ", Says Klein, the reply e-mail is a professional in your own domain name." "Since it is only in your area, and the people to share documents, calendars and videos restriction allows you to work with him."

2 Select the version.

For most companies have a choice between Standard and Premier Edition. Education and Non-profit options are also available. Record low with only one free copy of Gmail and the reduction of a user, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google sites and 50 --. The Prime Minister has called for, and 25 GB of storage for each user plays comfortably crazy by e-mail, and more control of security and support 24 / 7 and secured 99.9 percent while a cloud of concern about the credibility and should be less. "Says Klein would be the norm if you or a family member or community is a group." "Would choose First Edition to business for more support. S, and works with other enterprise applications to do".

3 It should not all or nothing.

The switch to Google Apps is the point of not able to all that he knew before supply. Some software may be old. Klein said that some people, who are really heavy users of Microsoft Office, form complex spreadsheets. "" In these cases, Google Docs is not for all functions necessary for most people it is. Google documents, spreadsheets, documents, standard equipment that they need. "Designed for users of Microsoft Outlook, with the implementation of Outlook to sync from Google Apps, a bridge in the old world and new ones.", Says Klein, the Web version or change to a new interface for those affected, we still have a vision of knowledge can be used on the skin. It is based on the Internet, e-mail habits of the transition to smart technology transfer older workers can be.

4 Get up to speed.

One of the factors that determine the pace of innovation is different from traditional programs and services, "Cloud Computing" on Google Apps. Instead of raising a couple of years, and is continuously updated, regardless of charge. Klein characterized the new update; with you in your business can continue to function as a means to subscribe to the blog of Google Apps is recommended. Many entrepreneurs and maximum work. Easy for administrators to Google Apps, Google goes camping with a guide and a way to go configure.

5 You can take it with them.

Mobile thing hot and cooled quickly. If you plan to invest in new technology, our company you play with smart phones Nice. Klein said, "Is Google Apps iPhone well with BlackBerry devices and applications that were created in such applications or Web documents, e-mail and calendar can be displayed with the droid. BlackBerry Enterprise Server management applications with enterprise a familiar BlackBerry to be integrated. More companies from the old school, the movement of Google Apps has the advantage that all applications to use on the Internet: You can use any link connected to the computer to the Internet. Includes a laptop, a Web browser or a business center with computer rental from any phone.

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no way. very nice dear. very good

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