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Bhujanga Asana : Yoga posture

September 02, 2010  by: Mathi  Points: 12   Category: General Science  Earning $0.40   Views: 1287

Bhujanga Asana : Yoga posture. It helps the practitioner to get spinal pain of land standing even when caused by osteo-arthiric changes in the spine.


HOw to do it?

Lie flat on the abdomen.

Bring the palms beneath the shoulder on both keeping them close together.

Stretch your legs straight to their full length keeping them close together.

Keep the toes pointing outward.

The head should be raised,giving a backward bend to the neck.

The chest should be raised slowly and contracting the muscles of the back,

The vertebral column (the backbone) should be made to under go an extension as much as possible.

keep the naval on the floor or

quite nearer to the floor. your body above the naval area should be raised in upward position.

Now bring the arms into action and slowly bend the whole back as much

as possible without strain until the arms are straight.

Retain the posture for a while.

Then slowly bring down the head little by little and come to the normal position.

Repeat the process three to five times.

How to synchronize your breath.?

Breath in while you bend backward,have inner retention

while you are in the final posture and exhale while coming down to normal position.

What are its benefits?

Relieves the pain of the back caused by over work.

The abdominal muscles are pulled and thereby strengthened.

Increases the intre-abdominal pressure.

Increase bodily heat and destroys a host of ailments.

Good for injured and slightly displaced spinal discs.

The practice of this posture replaces the disc in their original position.

The spinal region is toned.

The chest is expanded.

Reduces abdominal fat.

Relieves constipation and flatulence and cures indigestion,dysentery,wind troubles,stomach ache and other abdominal disease.

It helps the practitioner to get spinal pain of land standing even when caused by osteo-arthiric changes in the spine.

This asna brings suppleness of the spine which is the source of health,vitality and youthfulness.

It brings to normal functioning of thyroid gland if there has been any slight departure from the normal.

Tones up the supra-renal medulla. which manufactures adranation,the hormone which promote energy.

Helps to cure (female sexual disorders as leucorrhoes)(white) dysnenorrhoea(painful or difficult mensuration) and also tones up the ovaries and uterus.

The thoracic cavity is widened to help the full expansion of the lungs and thereby increase breathing power.

During the final posture of this asana the gall bladder,spleen and pancreas are stimulated by the gentle and deep.

Promotes beauty and increase the feminine charm.

A regular practice of this asana makes the child birth easy.

It awakens the kundalini sakthi.

The sexual performance of both men and women will be considerably improved as this asana provides superb exercises to the spinal
sex center.

It activates chests,shoulders,neck,face and head areas in an effective way and enhances facial beauty.

On what aspect to have auto-suggestion.

This asana is particularly suited to tone up the spine and a regular practice of this asana makes the
spine supple and flexible. Since the suppleness of spine brings radiant vitality and buoyant youthfulness
one may concentrate on this aspect and may suggest to himself while performing this asana as follows.

" I am gaining radiant health and youthful look.

To whom is it suitable?

Suitable to all.

Author: willylive        
Posted Date: 09/06/2010    Points:1    

Ohh mathi you have really good knowledge about yoga.
Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 09/14/2010    Points:1    

thanks. Yes . I am practicing daily.

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