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The Challenge of Listening

September 09, 2010  by: snowdoll487  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 912

What it takes to be a good listener? What is the benefit of being a good listener?


Have you been in an argument where you feel the person you are arguing with is not listening to a word you're saying? Have you tried listening to a person who is encountering bouts of distressful problems?

Lending an ear to this person may prove to be helpful. You might be able to save these persons very life from an incapacitating despair, discouragement, disappointment, bouts of confusion, and worries swallowing a person's sanity. You don't need to utter a word to comfort him/her. All this person need is someone who is willing to listen. Take time to listen and pay attention. Offer an undivided attention and understanding to what he/she is going to share.

Not everyone is good listening, most people prefer giving out an advice without thinking and taking into consideration the facts or without actually listening and grasping the whole situation. Simply because they don't care enough to give an ear to this person's concerns or they don't want to understand the person in distress. They're not willing to waste their time listening to a friend's personal problems. They just want to present or express their own opinion or scold the person involved.

Take notice of how you listen and how you are in serious conversations, where the other party is relaying a serious matter. When the other person is speaking, do you find yourself butting in when you hear some words that are familiar to you and share your experience without letting the person finish what he is saying? Do you find it difficult to control or find yourself unable to refrain from talking more and giving your own experience and advices even if not necessary?

Listening involves and requires care, understanding/sympathy, real interest, presence of mind, and patience. The skill of being a good listener is a learned or acquired ability through self-control and effort.

A good listener refreshes any person who is in the brink of despair. It is through listening to the other people that you can truly be assured that they are willing to also listen to you.

Author: rockstar        
Posted Date: 09/10/2010    Points:2    

Yes its definately very hard for some people to become good listener as they may have got the habit of always talking and sharing their thoughts and other things in mind. People who are good listeners can have good relations maintained in life.
Author: snowdoll487        
Posted Date: 09/10/2010    Points:1    

True, people always prefer talking about themselves and spend less time hearing others talk. @_@
Author: Sagar        
Posted Date: 09/12/2010    Points:1    

Nice post
Author: ram197        
Posted Date: 11/17/2010    Points:1    

I want to thank you, you have written articles in a very important subject.

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