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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Preview

September 09, 2010  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.75   Views: 1066

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 preview you will find complete information. For the latest information and continually read everything if you call Microsoft about Windows 7 may be important facts.


Once at the top of the telephone pack, Microsoft's current cell working system, Windows Mobile, has quickly fallen from grace. Luckily the juggernaut in Redmond, WA determined after all to do something positive about that. You call it whatever you'd like - a restart, a do over - but Microsoft has solely changed course with Windows Phone 7, and they've broke such a lot the whole lot in the process. That manner vintage Windows Mobile programs won't work, all of the OS has been redone, and practically not anything from the user's point of view has been carried over. A good thing while you're now playing in a world of Androids and iPhones. We had been trying out a non-final, never ever going to be released to market Samsung prototype Windows Phone 7 device for a week, and we're excited to assist you to realize what we recall to mind the working system.


I was in point of fact inspired by way of Windows Phone 7's performance at the prototype instrument I was once using. Everything used to be lightening fast.

But there's something you need to keep in mind: Windows Phone 7 is not a multitasking running system. When you switch clear of an app, it closes itself. This is probably one of the crucial reasons why the performance is so good; however it's certainly a tradeoff.

A sure drawback is that Microsoft left beef up Cut & Paste out of this OS.


We're now not going to review the true hardware we received given that it will by no means see the sunshine of day, but we can talk about the hardware requirements and what that means for the platform. Microsoft has a reportedly over two hundred web page report that main points what's required of the hardware powering Windows Phone 7. Some of that includes a minimal of a 3.7 4-point capacitive multi contact display, five megapixel camera, 1GHz CPU, all memory must be built-in (it can also be microSD, just now not person accessible), dedicated graphics chip, and 3 hardware buttons at the front. That will be the back, Start, and seek buttons.

That baseline is beautiful prime end, and different chassis specifications will be somewhat extra relaxed. Chassis 2 will it sounds as if fortify other hardware configurations like slide-out keyboards, and we suppose chassis three may permit for lower-to-mid specs, but the closing section is just our assumption. Having a baseline requirement is a smart thing and it's great to look Microsoft taking more a stance with this new platform. We all can take into account that the mess that Windows Mobile turned into (we're talking hardware).


I tried out the Microsoft Office apps, and used to be fairly pleased. Admittedly, I used to be just starting the small demo records data for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but they opened in a flash.

I extensively utilized the internet browser, and was equally pleased. I went to the Brighthand house page, and the Windows Phone 7 browser accurately handled the scrolling frame that lists contemporary information articles, one thing the Android OS browser can not do.

The deal with book -- known as People -- shops the guidelines you'll expect, plus it ties into Facebook and different social networking services. You can see greater than just a single recent FB post out of your friend; you'll be able to get the entire latest ones, and even post replies, elevating the question on whether or not you need a stand-alone app for this service.

One factor you want to get used to with the People app -- as well as the Games, Pictures, Office, and Music + Video ones -- is that what you are seeing is just a portion of a larger screen. For example, the image to the left is appearing the People app. If you slide the screen to 1 side, you can see an inventory of essentially the most up to date Facebook posts. If you slide it the other, you'll see photographs of other people you've gotten contacted recently.

I didn't get an opportunity to test out all the bundled software -- there wasn't sufficient time. But i was pleased with what I saw.

User Interface

If you have been to name Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS UI minimalistic, you'd be right. Even if our sentence wasn't. The thing is, sometimes when the usage of Windows Phone; things are so minimalistic, that it in truth feels just a little too lonely and open. Don't get us wrong, it's great to feel like you're not constrained to a definite window or foreground app, however at the same time, we can't lend a hand however feel that there could have been so a lot more done.

At the ground of each and every utility are Microsoft's action buttons. These are contextual buttons that offer delivered actions in almost every application at the phone. The thing is, they're lovely standard, and no longer that user friendly. At least now not for us. We're no longer sure why Microsoft made up our minds to put into effect and design something that in reality will get in the way in which as an alternative of helping. For starters, we discovered them to be tiny and poorly placed. Unlike Android the place you could have a menu key and a pleasing large popup of extra actions, Microsoft's way is to have a tiny, tiny house reserved for those buttons at all times, losing monitor actual property whilst also cluttering up the view with needless circles that are almost laughably small. The one saving grace is the facility to extend this motion button view, but we can't but feel adore it might were better throughout to transport the entire motion buttons over, and permit the consumer expand / close it when necessary.

Let's take the homescreen for instance. Apple's homescreen is pretty straightforward. You have app icons and you have got folders which contain apps and they're all the related size, and that's about it. Android has the same fundamental logic, aside from you can upload widgets, upload shortcuts to different menus or applications, or even add live moving wallpapers among different things. Microsoft principally reinvents the mobile phone homescreen, and we're not sure we're in love with it.

Other annoyances with the UI? The scrolling. There's a very mild rubber-banding effect, but what occurs is, when you get to the ground or most sensible of a scrollable list, the scrolling stops short and the content then form of mashes up slightly. It's now not that elegant, and especially in this not-amazing prototype phone, it looks beautiful unhealthy and pixelated.

Something else would be the fact that threaded textual content message conversations are the entire same color. So, your messages and the opposite party's messages are the entire related colour which makes things slightly tricky to inform apart. We additionally can't stand the fact that the highest upper status bar which comprises the time, battery level, sign potential and other status icons, is principally hidden from view for probably the most part. You could have these icons show at will by means of tapping the always-present time in the upper proper corner, but it's not that reassuring having this stuff hidden by means of default for freaks like us.

One final thing that truly insects us with the UI is that there is no application switcher. On a BlackBerry you can cling the BlackBerry key, on Android devices you can hold the Home key, and at the iPhone you can double tap the house button. Just merely navigating back, back, back, back and again doesn't in point of fact lower it, and right through on a daily basis usage, it were given tired quickly.


The homescreen for Windows Phone 7 uses tiles, reasonably than utility icons. This units it except for Apple's iOS and Google's Android OS.

Tiles be offering a number of advantages. First off, there is a substantial amount of flexibility about what's on a tile. For example, the cope with ebook tile has footage of your pals on it, now not just an icon.

Also, the tiles can also be different sizes, so extra necessary ones are more straightforward to see.

Tiles will likely be used to offer the person some fast standing updates. For example, the e-mail tiles shows how many unread messages are waiting. Developers will have a specific amount of keep an eye on approximately what appears on the tiles for their apps.

Unlike the Android OS, there aren't any homescreen widgets, and there is just one house screen, despite the fact that you'll make this so long as you like through adding as many tiles as you want.

You almost definitely may not need to upload more than a few, though, because the homescreen is in point of fact about giving you easy access for your favorite software, people, and music. A small arrow to one facet gives you get entry to a complete record of the apps put in at the device, so you could have easy got right of entry to everything.

Zune / Music

If you're partial to the Zune tune player, you'll indisputably be enthralled with the Zune app on WP7. It's clean, functional, and really hip looking. In fact, Windows Phone 7 is mainly modeled after the Zune UI (in our view at least, given that we didn't see WP7 debut until after the Zune). It accommodates the whole lot you'd want in a tune player nowadays, like video / track video support, podcasts, a integrated radio, and the Zune Marketplace.

We've by no means been huge Zune fans over here, but we do have to say the usage of the music player on WP7 used to be a in reality delightful experience. We'd completely placed it 2d to Apple's iPod on their iPhone. It is miles beforehand of anything else popping out of RIM or Android at this point, and it's great to see a telephone that is simply as fascinated by multimedia as it is on say, email.


We're no longer going to lie, we actually do not know how people actually let the telephone app get this far. When you first release the application, you'd excluding to be on the keypad, so you'll be able to in truth make a call, right? No. You're introduced with the up to date call historical past list. Just textual content splattered on the screen. No problem, you'll mosey on over to settings and alter the default view so the keypad shows up. Ah, drawback there. You can't make that change as a result of it's not an option. So to make a telephone call, it's a must to pass into the telephone and hit one of the crucial poorly-sized action buttons below to bring up the keypad to make a phone call.

Another annoyance? Let's say you do for a few explanation why want to in truth name someone on your lately referred to as list, so that you don't need to bring up the keypad this time. Just tap the telephone number in the list, and stale you go. Not quite. Microsoft hyperlinks the latest calls to "profiles" now not numbers. It's the most insane thing we've ever seen. If you tap at the caller within the list, you don't dial the telephone number, a profile view slides in and then you definately need to determine which number to call from there. Ok fine, but when you were given a choice from only a phone number, and not any person in contacts, it won't elevate the profile, it will just dial the telephone number. Again, not quite. It will still elevate a profile view, however this time be offering default options of calling or texting that number. A easy lengthy press gesture could have solved these issues in our book. Long press to get options to textual content the number, put it aside for your contacts, or the rest else. It's every other little ignored UI piece of the puzzle that gets really apparent when you use the OS a lot.

Actual telephone calling works tremendous enough, even though it can be a little bit confusing at times. Unfortunately Microsoft attempts to be somewhat too hip by way of appearing the background as transparent, and we just don't recognize what function this solves but a cheap UI effect. In our minds, you're either actively within the phone name (foreground), or the telephone name is minimized (top standing bar). But to have the phone utility within the foreground not absorb the whole reveal and the view below it to be clear doesn't in point of fact waft much. Maybe we're being picky, but with already frustrating calling experience, we'd have liked the phone utility to only be a phone.


As massive Microsoft Office fans, using the e-mail app on Windows Phone 7 is nothing short of fantastic. It's simple, easy to use, feature-packed (especially if you're on an Exchange 2007 or 2010 server), and truly enjoyable. It's one of the most only default apps to make use of a white colour scheme instead of black, and it really looks great. Emails are arranged in the hub very cleanly, with all, unread, flagged, and pressing sections that are flickable.

The transitions right here paintings very well for probably the most part, however it's a little bit overblown now and then and roughly wastes time if you're actually hoping to and from emails in a hurry. Unfortunately, on this non-final version of the OS, PDF attachments weren't supported. We've reached out to look if in an effort to modification in the first shipping Windows Phone 7 handset. There are little things we're not in love with on here, however they are pretty small. we don't like how there's no standing bar for attachment downloads, it simply says "Downloading" with no visualization of ways a lot time or quantity of knowledge is left to download, we additionally don't like that via default, emails sent from the handset aren't instantly available in the despatched folder. You have to manually sync the folder to view emails sent from the phone. Seems just a little counter-intuitive. One closing annoyance we stumbled across is that despite explicit regulations set up in Outlook 2010 on an Exchange server wit Outlook open, messages can slip in the course of the cracks. It's not each and every message, and it's no longer the end of the world, but we haven't noticed this occur on an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android handset even once.

Something incredibly stupid with the email app is the shortcoming to remotely search for emails. With Microsoft launching this selection in Windows Mobile 6.1, and principally each other phone OS aiding it, it's beautiful wonderful how it isn't included. You're restricted to whatever is in the neighborhood saved in your software to search through. Microsoft did tell us they have been open to revisiting this, so we'll have to see if it changes in the near future. For the interim though, this in point of fact takes away from a super e mail application.


We completely love the keyboard on Windows Phone. It's so. clickable yet still virtual. It really flies, the predictions and corrections are awesome, and it's nearly as good as the iPhone's keyboard. The iPhone has a more practical layout, and better get entry to symbols and corrections, but Windows Phone's keyboard is with reference to there, and simply our favorite 2d perfect instrument enter instrument on a cell phone platform. Unfortunately, there's no multi-touch capacity on it, but it's nonetheless very solid.


The mobile web browser is a tricky one. In our view, Apple still holds the crown, without reference to whether Android has taken over in raw JavaScript performance. It's a whole package deal roughly thing, and with RIM lately out of the picture, the only two competition are the aforementioned. Microsoft's browser is fine, but it's some distance from enjoyable to use. It's not the most elegant browser (there would possibly just be a few software insects a good way to be fastened in the first transport handset) and we from time to time had some pages that didn't render properly, and have been just a little janky after scrolling via them. The browser supports tabs, and has a easy thumbnail view to hop again to an open page, or close the open tab. There are favorites and a historical past view, and to be honest, that's approximately it. Bing search is constructed into the navigation bar, though seek effects don't populate in real-time like on Android and iPhone platforms. All in all, the browser used to be fine, however didn't have the rest that was once lust-worthy. We nonetheless favor Google's and Apple's cellular browsers.


Microsoft's bread and butter are in fact Windows and Office. So, what may a Microsoft cell product be and not using a great implementation of Office? Windows telephone 7 has its personal Office 2010 hub completes with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, OneNote, and SharePoint access. Combine that with the good e mail app (we can call it Outlook), and you've were given a gorgeous robust cellular productivity device suite. Easily the best cellular Office experience, and why shouldn't it be?

Social Communication

Windows Phone is beautiful social right from the out of field experience. You can link your Windows Live, Facebook, and Exchange money owed as you go with the flow throughout the first time set up process. Windows Live, Facebook, and Exchange contacts are all integrated in combination in the primary other folks view. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a solution to regulate what presentations up here, or restrict it. For instance, we'd love Facebook to sync to our existing contacts in our deal with e-book and hyperlink up, however there may be essentially no real interest in seeing each unmarried Facebook friend listed in the other folks view. We don't have any found a solution to filter contacts through products and services or even teams and that's roughly frustrating.

Facebook status updating is constructed proper into the device, however sadly your alternatives are most effective that and your Windows Live status. Twitter is nowhere to be discovered here.

The footage hub is interesting as it's an aggregated view of your native and faraway photos, and sharing footage is a fairly easy task if you'll be able to work out how. When tapping on an individual photograph in one view, nothing happens. You'd think there can be some overlay that pops over with action buttons, however you in fact have to tap and cling the picture to perform this. Once there, however, you're greeted by means of a large number of sharing options. You can e-mail the picture, add it proper to Facebook, ship it in an MMS, or upload it to Windows Live SkyDrive.


It will have to be clear to everyone that Windows Phone 7 as a platform is not completed yet. The first handsets aren't rumored until September, October, or November depending on what web page you're reading on which day, and the handset we've got been the use of for every week won't ever be released and is meant just for developers to check apps on precise hardware. However, we have now been taking part in around with WP7 for enough time, and the OS is well-enough along that we have an ideal really feel for it, regardless of any minor improvements ahead of the first handset launches. Microsoft has definitely damaged direction and long past in a wholly new direction, one thing that many people desire RIM would do, and we applaud them for that. They have created a brand new cellular running system packed full of clean, modern, and sometimes even stunning design elements.

We liked the use of the OS in general, although the enjoy for us felt a little too similar to our time the use of the Microsoft KIN 2. The tiled homescreen seems just a little too constrained and boxed in for us, and the non-frills design method in truth left the handset menus and navigational components feeling naked and unfinished, relatively than pure and unaltered. Not having any type of menu for hoping backward and forward among applications hampers your on a daily basis usage, and the lively transitions additionally start to really feel old lovely fast. For a phone that was once made from scratch and began on after the first iPhone was introduced, and for a telephone that's now not even in market yet, it sadly in our view falls short. There's essentially no actual innovation we will be able to see with Windows Phone 7. It's a decent mashup of a few already pioneered options like aggregated standing updates associated together with your contacts, customizable homescreens, and a cell apps and music marketplace, however we're not certain that's enough to push WP7 in advance of the 3 massive juggernauts. It's an unbelievable feature phone; however as an in point of fact aggressive smartphone platform, we're just not positive at this aspect in time.

There isn't any killer software on Windows Phone 7, and we can't see an overwhelming reason to use one as a substitute of an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android handset. Whether Microsoft's OS updates to the platform will probably be enough to change our minds one day is up to them, but for now, they've created a tight cellular running machine from scratch, however it unfortunately still has that Microsoft feel. And that's not the most productive factor sometimes.

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good music tone and microsoft office document msword, excel & power point
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I did enjoy reading this article. And you know I would recommend your article from my group.

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