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Tips fo Buying Note book.

June 17, 2010  by: winindia  Points: 15   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.25   Views: 1636

Tips fo Buying Note book.


When some one decide to bu a note book there are so many question come in to mind like which brand should purchase which brand can available at cheaper price with good features.
So here are some tips before you buy a Notebook.

Always choose core duo Notebook which is faster in process but save your energy.
Generally Notebook battery stands for 2 to 4 hour but if you buy a Centrino processor

Notebook then battery will stand for more than 4 hour.

Notebok generally come with 40-60Gb hard disk but choose 80 Gb hard disk Note book which is

Necessary to Keep movies and Music.

For graphics application and Gaming choose 128 Mb or 256 Mb non-integarted video card.

Always buy Note book of 1024 RAM (minimum).

Donot buy with in range $1000-$1200 because it suite to your pocket always go for quality .

Look budget and quality together.


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