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How does todays lifestyle affect children?

September 11, 2010  by: Vipin R  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 3143

Now a days we all can see what we have achieved and how much we have developed. The life is hi-tech and luxurious and people are enjoying each and every facility they wished before years. Everything seems to be good and the world is shrunken to one's fist, you can say. You can do your daily works with just some button clicks and there are many kinds of machine which have replaced humans and saved their time and efforts. Without the technology Life has become miserable to human beings


Though there are uncountable bad impacts of this kind of luxurious lifestyle but today I want to talk about its effect in early childhood and how it grabs a person in its claws in his early days. In past times the only way to keep busy and entertainment for the children was outdoor games and as you all know how helpful the outdoors games are in keeping a guy healthy and happy. But nowadays all these outdoor games are also shrunken and has been transferred to the black box known as "Computer".

One can play Football, Volleyball,basketball,etc., by just sitting on couch in the room and with just fingertips movements.isn't it awesome? Yeah it is but harmful as well. Video games are the biggest boundary in the physical development of a child. I am not against the video games until they are not taken as primary games and do not effects one's life in a bad way. So should the kids allowed to play videogames? This is a very difficult question to answer as the new generation is badly attracted towards this hi-tech form of games and even parents can't stop children from playing videogames.

How do we make kids effectively use Technology and stay with a health lifestyle

1) Parents should take the kids for outing once in a week or when time permits.

2) When Children are performing well or achieving on external games or sports activities never fail to appreciate them.

3) Parents and teachers should tell the children about the Good effects of playing outdoor games and involving in external activities.

4) Should allow and encourage the children in making friend in school and neighbourhood.

5) Parents should guide the children in scheduling time for Video games, Sports, Studies and other activities

6) Educate the children to avoid games which involves violence. PC games or video games are now getting popular in violence and not it fun.

7) Tell the children to invite their friends to house and build the social relation ship.

So these are some tips to maintain a balance between this hi-tech life and the natural life which can keep the children happy as well as healthy too..

Benefits of Outdoor games:

Helps over come Health issues : playing outdoor games improves overall health of a person. Outdoor games are also a form of exercise but more fun filled. They will help you stay in shape and maintain your fitness levels. You can simply just grab a racket and ball and get going, that's all it takes.

Give good sleep: When you play outdoor games, you get into rigorous physical exercise. So it automatically exhausts your body and when your body gets exhausted, you are bound to get enough sleep. It is our body's mechanism to sleep when we are physically exhausted. So if you are sleep deprived, outdoor games are your solution.

Improves concentration: when you play outdoor games, obviously you are well concentrated on your target. Be it hitting the football or snapping in the basket ball, the player is concentrated on his target, the goal and the basket. Also you learn to coordinate with other team members when you play in a team. So by playing outdoor games, you get to enhance your concentration and coordination skills at the same time.

Helps being Social : playing outdoor games could turn out to be an innovative way to socialize with your buddies. Especially for people who have a busy life and don't have time to catch up with friends, playing outdoor games with friends can be a nice way to have a good time with them and that too in a healthy way!
A nice break from boring exercise routine: certain people who are health conscious never like to miss out on their exercise regime. But one can often get bored following the same exercise routine every day. So if you need a break from your daily work outs but still don't want to miss out on health then you can play outdoor games instead of exercise. They are more fun and burn equal calories as your exercise regime would.

Author: ram197        
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I want to thank you, you have written articles in a very important subject.

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