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Engineers Day and Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya

September 14, 2010  by: abid areacode  Points: 12   Category: Engineering  Earning $0.50   Views: 7549

Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya was one of the best engineers that India ever given birth. His birthday , September 15th is celebrated as Engineers day in India.


It was midnight of the day. A train was pacing to its destination with a howl in the silence of the night. A man was sleeping with his head on the side window of the train. Suddenly he woke up from his sleep. He jumped from his seat and pulled the chain hanging just over his head. The chain was nothing but the danger chain. The train moved for some more distance and stopped suddenly. The employees and other passengers in the train rushed to the compartment to know what had happened. Someone even suspected that the man did it in his sleeping mood. So they were angry towards this man. All surrounded the man and asked the reason behind chain pulling.
"There is a crack in the rail after some more meters from here !!! If train goes over it mishaps may occur." The man said quietly.

"What nonsense you are saying. In this dark night how did you see the crack which is far in front ? Are you mocking us ?" That was the response of the people.

"No. I have no need to mock you all and stop the train to disturb all. You just check it and then talk to me " The man replied very gently.

The railway persons got down to rail. With the help of a torch they checked the railway track. To their surprise they saw a big crack in the rail a few meters away from the stopped train! If train passed over the crack definitely some mishap was obvious in that dark village night.

All persons again gathered around the man who predicted it correctly. He told that he heard the sound from the track while sleeping and it changed at some place . The vibrating sound changed too heavily that the man recognized that it was due to the crack in the railway line. Do you know who was that man who saved many lives from death? It was none other than the best engineer that India ever gave birth , Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya or M.Visvesvaraya.

Visvesvaraya born in Muddenahalli village of Karnataka on September 15th , 1861. His father was a Sanskrit Pandit namely Srinivasa Sastri. The ancestors of Visvesvaraya were from the Mokshagundam village of Andrapradesh. Hence Visvesvaraya added Mokshagundam before his name and thus became Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.

Visvesvaraya was very good in his studies. He was first in all his classes of study. He passed Civil Engineering Degree with first rank. He started his official life as Assistant Engineer under Bombay Government. In 1908 when he was 48 years Visvesvaraya voluntarily retired from service. Then from 1912 onwards he was the Diwan of Mysore for six years. The famous attractions of Mysore like Krishnaraja Sagar Dam , Vrindavan Gardens were designed and built by Visvesvaraya. Also the brain behind Bank of Mysore , Mysore Soap Factory, Bhadravathi Steel Plant etc are also this engineer Visvesvaraya.

The birth day of Visvesvaraya is celebrated in India as Engineers day. He was a man with wide vision and he was in favour of industrialisation of the country. "Industrialise else Destroy " was the message of Visvesvaraya.

Visvesvaraya had received the membership in Institute of Engineers , London. Also he got the honour of Sir from British Government. India honoured its great son by conferring the highest civilian award Bharath Ratna to him in 1955. Also a number of institutes like Vivesarayya Technological museum , Visvesarayya National Institute of Technology etc are built in memory of this great engineer.On April 14th 1962 Visvesvaraya died.

Author: Sridevi        
Posted Date: 09/15/2010    Points:1    

Nice for sharing a leaf out of the great man's life-story.
Author: abid areacode        
Posted Date: 09/16/2010    Points:1    

Thanks Sridevi
Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 09/16/2010    Points:1    

really it was impress me abid. thanks
Author: abid areacode        
Posted Date: 09/16/2010    Points:1    

Thanks Mathi
Author: ram197        
Posted Date: 11/16/2010    Points:1    

your articles are interesting. please write more like this. All things are nice
Author: abid areacode        
Posted Date: 11/22/2010    Points:2    

I wish to write more , but presently being busy in my official works am not able to complete them.Any how the motivation from readers like you will be considered with due importance and will come to post more.Thanks.

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