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Some things that cause arguments between husband and wife

September 16, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 2586

Many of use must have seen many relationships to be broken between a married couple due to arguments and fights. This article talks about some things that cause arguments between husband and wife.


Some small things may cause arguments between husband and wife and these small things may even lead to divorce. Husband and wife may argue on the smallest of issue and the small fight may get bigger and bigger.

Some small things that cause arguments among husband and wife are as follows.

1. Argument over watching particular television channel - Television may be the biggest box of entertainment for you but it may be the one of the biggest argument causer between an husband and wife. It is often seen husband and wife fighting to watch a particular television channel. This arguments happens because the choice of both husband and wife may be different and they may be wanting to watch different channel on television. It will be better that one of the husband or wife compromises upon watching the particular channel as if one of them do not compromise on such situations fights will keep happening.

2. Choice of going to particular Restaurant - It is often seen when on a special occassion or when both husband and wife are happy and they plan to go to a particular Restaurant the choices of both husband and wife may not be the same and thats why they may keep arguing . Such argument may cancel their plan to go to restaurant and they may even stop talking with each other.

3. Taking time to get ready - Many times it may happen that husband or wife may be very eager to go out to particular place and at such moment when any one of them take more time to get ready it may cause frustration to one of them. It is often seen that women take more time to get ready and this may be very trouble giving to the men but men should realize that it may be the habit of every women to take more time to get ready.

4. Coming late at home - One of the biggest problem causer between husband and wife is the reason of one of them coming late to home. It may be often possible due to some meeting husband or wife may come home late than the regular timings and in such situation the one who comes lates may have to answer various questions and this may lead to biggest arguments.

There are many small things that may cause arguments and fights between husband and wife. If there is proper understand between husband and wife and both of them understand the behaviour of each other then arguments will never happen and no relationship will get broken.

Author: willylive        
Posted Date: 09/17/2010    Points:3    

Come have fun and information received after reading your article.
It is often the cause of the fight between the husband or wife is not a big deal, just a small thing becomes as large.

You are told to watch TV over the debate, the debate has never talked to the hotel.

In fact, it sometimes caused even larger battle is absolutely correct in your article describes.
Author: ram197        
Posted Date: 11/16/2010    Points:1    

extremely grateful for your encouraging of aspiration.
Author: joeldgreat        
Posted Date: 02/09/2011    Points:3    

You nailed the first one "Argument over a TV SHow". But I already resolves this issue by buying another TV set. That way she can watch her favorite soap opera while I was watching news or movies over the cable. And to add, I also buy another TV for my kids watching cartoons and other kid shows. In all, we already have three TV with three different types of people watching it.

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