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Set Those BIG Goals Today

September 17, 2010  by: willylive  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 986

They build too low who build beneath the stars. One of my favorite speeches is gold career goals right!


As the provision of various target groups, because it shows that I see every time without fail, begin to recognize different members of different groups - often for the first time - that nothing in your life.

Not on a long shot!

They like you and I could laugh, if you want to be, and should do much, much, much more.

I must warn you, if I can draw a line under this side of the real world! This is, I do not think about anything you can imagine is possible .

Of course, it is!

But more and more, sometimes staggering, achievable goals, because we give credit, but their implementation, and sometimes not suited to our original design. Think about that desert Madonna said in 1992: "I have the same goal, which his childhood was. I want to rule the world." (Maybe that Argentina is on the big screen as a springboard for them?)

Large or small, the most effective first step towards something else, personal leadership guru Stephen Covey says so short to begin with the end in mind. "

This council has a direct impact on financial planning, which is a certified financial agent of the Council on Standards is defined as "the process to achieve your life goals through proper management of their finances."

In my opinion, the four most important words, the definition of financial planning to achieve their goals in life? "

Let me ask you :

What are your goals in life?

I'm sure you can find several small goals. Regardless of whether or how these products before eating, this project to work next week, or leave within three months.

I'm sure you can do important things with a longer period of time, because this is a huge retirement for you and your husband or financing higher education for their children or to create a list.

Ability to formulate these goals is a good start. But what I learned from my consulting clients for many years and miles that most people - even those that are "a lot of money - trying to define their goals at all, very, very S - T - R - E - T - C - H apart from its own limitations.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I also have an incredible privilege to deal with several clients who regularly set great goals - even ... terrible, really - so I had to stop!

In general, however, most people have difficulty important objects.


Surprise, surprise - After careful consideration and observation, I conclude that the two main reasons for coming! - Protecting the environment and cultural heritage.

Our environment shapes us

Study of marine biology has given us some interesting information from this phenomenon. If you give young fish in a small tank, which usually occurs over a long time is that the fish grows in size, but limits the maximum maturity of the space. It remained small.

But if you put other young people from one party in a huge puddle outside, are likely to be gigantic compared to the relatively low brothers.

Likewise, people are generally able to withstand high goals come from households that are "large" grants.

Who can not cause a serious purpose often seems to have grown up in families where the expansion missed praise or reluctance.

Heredity also affects us

But I personally do not think that's the whole environment as the most important factor in how people are being disclosed.

The bad news is none of the genes we inherit from our parents or the type of home or at school, which is formed during our formation made.

But - importantly - the good news is that the act would be in many aspects of the internal programming error "be rescinded.

Man "divine spark", for lack of a better description, that allows us to make decisions.

For example, we decided to perform or delay satisfaction that is still alive!

We can choose to save and invest 30% of our income or 120% of the income of waste every month! We can choose, as adults, to invest up to 10% of the resources of our personal training courses, or we can choose to not stop learning after high school or college!

What opportunities do you want? Why?

I learned that the heart of every "right" decision would be to start thinking long-term task, with the ultimate goal in the eyes of our mind on fire.

Therefore, in order to help, I will share basis for the purpose of his chances in order to follow a high priority for longer than others to be increased.

Only increase with time, the chances of achieving a decisive goal that you set.

They are free to use this recipe to identify the key financial targets, but please do not limit yourself. This algorithm (or recipe) will work with all kinds of purposes, including the physical, material, social, spiritual and professional.

There are three parts will appear in this context:

The first Enter the objectives of Monster;

The second Long before the definition of "Godzilla" and

Third Think on paper, how to give permission to publish a new book of photos amazing psychological movie.

The first Enter the objectives of the monster
- only the common goal worthy of our attention, in the wild passion and deep affection. Only massive objects have magical power to turn your imagination for a few months, years and decades, strict adherence necessary to achieve them!

The second Take your time, setting targets in this "Godzilla"
- if you know what to start a specific research program that will - and - dependence of this process. There is nothing that from 20 to 50 hours (sometimes more) of concentrated thought and understood the day I dream about big goals that are ready to agree to give my life for performance.

Third Think on paper
- write each main objective, and to resolve the issue. Let's rewrite in active voice and present, and recorded.

After consultations with the leadership of Brian Tracy, our subconscious mind to go only "facts" statement in this, as I have a millionaire "or" achieved financial freedom. "If you say, it's not true, do not feel so think about how to lie to say right now, but as the truth in advance!

Financial objectives, establishing the true value or realizable value. Then, update and report the effect of price inflation bubble "real" in the future.

If we take three steps, we began the process from beginning to end in mind. Thus, beginning not to stop.


Author: ram197        
Posted Date: 11/11/2010    Points:1    

your articles are interesting. please write more like this. All things are nice

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