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Walking, and weight loss

September 18, 2010  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 1359

Walking - the easiest way of life for all. It requires no special training and the availability of instructors. Course helps them to be more subtle and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Scientifically proven - to go 30 minutes daily on average 2 years!


A few years ago in Europe and the United States, a new direction - to their feet with a special tool - a pedometer. Walking with a pedometer can be carried out on the way to make purchases in stores, talk on the phone at home, walking around the city, visiting the exhibition, goes to nature, etc. The main problem here - the number of steps of days, depending on whether the loss is seeking to strengthen their health and weight.

Ten thousand steps per day:

The genetic nature of said daily calories (energy) more than it receives. In many of the benefits of modern civilization, we are deprived of the joy of movement. According to experts, a resident of the modern city is the 1500 - 3000 steps per day. This means that the average step 0. 8 m 1,2 2,4 km. This is a very short distance to "save" energy and "Help" to increase body fat.

As part of the overall problem of obesity, scientists around the world test the effectiveness of moves for people who are overweight. Experts conclude just stay in the increase in the average number of steps per day in 2000, his weight, at least current levels. Recent studies in this area, to expand understanding of the problem: from 8000 to 10000 steps a day in combination with a good balanced diet helps to reduce weight. Developed on the basis of this research program, "10,000 steps per day have been."

Walking helps burn fat:

The first rule - the weight loss of power consumption max. In the first 45 minutes of walk to burn calories, which is the source of muscle glycogen. In the 46th minute, to bring the body lose fat. Walking helps to improve metabolism in the diet. If your diet is balanced, obtained in the transition process from start to burn fat before, and increasingly, as the body compensates for the absence of glycogen from the fat rather than calories from food. The higher level of progress, the more calories you burn. Nevertheless, the young must be primarily on increasing the number of steps (distance) and at work, and then move to step up.

If you start to lose weight, walking:

If you decide to start walking to lose weight to its destination - a gradual increase in the number of steps per day for 10 thousand. To do this every week, is tense up to 500 markets will grow. For example, if the day to an average of 3000 steps to your destination before the end of the first week of increasing the daily number of steps to 3500, during the second week - 4000 steps per day, etc. At the end of 14 weeks can REACH - 10000 steps per day.

To reduce weight, experts recommend a week; 4-5 days spend 30-60 minutes a day. This can be a walk in the park or walking past the bus stop on the way to work and back. If you find it hard to 500 steps per week - all easy for you to try and add a time: Start with 10 minutes a day and add at a distance of 100 steps per day, per week. Move "10000" at their own pace. Remember - the more productive use of its size - it is fun.

If you reach 10,000 steps per day - do not stop walking good habits. With time, you can switch from basketball.

Using a pedometer!

Pedometer best coach! We invite you to take further action on the same day and night to make a summary of their problems.

Shows the number of steps per day!

Every day during the week, when you wake up a pedometer and take it with you throughout the day. Before going to sleep, write in a notebook cover during the day, the number of steps. At the end of the week, the average number of steps per day. You'll be surprised how few (or many) that there is a go!

Good Walk = effective weight loss:

Although the jurisdiction of March we had in early childhood, for our purposes it is necessary to learn to walk. These are our recommendations on the way to health and weight control.

1. Very quietly walk slowly 5 minutes, then 30 seconds on the high-Eddie's shoes.
2. Stretching and flexibility workout to workout.
3. 30-60 minute brisk walk with vigorous motion.
4. Then walk 5 minutes to move completely cool.
5. Gently pull off now to practice.

A few simple tips:

The first level should be convenient for you. A simple principle: if you go, you should be able to the entire conversation, not enough breath for 30-45 minutes.

The second movement began with a walk for 5 minutes. This gives the muscles "wake up" and your body adapts activities for a long time. Without this signal, the organization only wants to burn glycogen.

A third study at the outset is working properly: Keep your head and back straight, not smooth, but not see their feet. Arms bent at the elbow at 90 degrees, do not use the body. Hikers are invited to submit a professional foot ball rolling to wear heels to the ground.

Fourth, check your pulse. The pulse frequency range suitable for their age, determined by the formula: higher frequency = 220 - age - 50 years, reducing packet = 220 - age - 55, for example, 220-30 = 190 years old,190-50 = 140.190-55= 135.135 -55 -140 -band pulse rate, the perfect time walking at the age of 30 years.

Fifth, Enrichment May supply adaptogens and vitamins. Adaptogens - organic substances which increase the property's ability to adapt to stress. Thus, for example, contains adaptogenic Chinese magnolia (Shizandra).

Sixth, Drink water for 10-minute & walk every 20 minutes during the walk and immediately after walking.

Author: abid areacode        
Posted Date: 09/19/2010    Points:5    

A very very useful information provided here.Usually I walk the distances as I don't know biking.I have a car , but I take it rarely as I fear getting it breakdown in busy streets!More over I am an environmentalist and wish to reduce pollution caused by me.Today people are not willing to walk even for a 500 metre long distance.They want car or autorikshaw for it also.Hence most of the members of present generation suffer from different kinds of illness including the heavy fat deposit.Since most of them do not use their legs , their knees are getting struck and are suffering from related diseases.Walking and swimming are very good exercises that had proved their quality.
Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 09/20/2010    Points:3    

Very nice information given in this article. really good. pedometer!.
Yes we can find out that how much steps we finished. It is a good measurement instrument.

Because some time We may forget the steps, so it will help us to free walk and helps to encourage to walk more distance.

thanks dear to write such a valuable article. keep it up.
Author: rockstar        
Posted Date: 09/20/2010    Points:3    

Walking is very beneficial to health. The best way to loose weight can be through the way of walking as much as you can. Walking keeps a person healthy all time and always fit. If you are the one who does not like walking then you should change your habit as you will not stay fit if you do not walk daily.
Author: Unmesh        
Posted Date: 09/20/2010    Points:2    

The walking benefits for losing weight. Is it a good benefit to start to walk in order to lose weight effectively?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and I look forward to reading more from you.
Author: Sinduja        
Posted Date: 09/20/2010    Points:3    

Really a very good article about loosing weight by walking. I love to walk, but I have this problem on my feet. When I walk too much, I cracks on my feet and starts to dry out and the feet skins gets removed as scales on fish. So after that I have to apply moisturizing cream and stay with out walk. And my feet will be back to normal..
Author: willylive        
Posted Date: 09/20/2010    Points:1    

I am very thankful to all of you for very valuable feed back for my efforts.
Author: ram197        
Posted Date: 11/11/2010    Points:1    

Its a very good article. Thanks a lot for explaining in such a nice way thanks
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 12/22/2010    Points:1    

There are so many benefits of exercise but people usually ignore exercise. If they do exercise daily, they can have good health.

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