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Human Cell

September 28, 2010  by: manidip  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.55   Views: 925

The ultimate organic unit of human is cell which is made of protoplasm and which makes tissues of different characteristics.


The main functional organic unit of human body is the Cell . This is also the very smallest organic unit of human body. Behind every biological work in the human body cell plays the lead role. The biological science also reveals that cell works as republic - it functions for the whole human anatomy as well as it leads its own independent life. It works different ways in different conditions like when a human is doing any activity it has to undergo rigorous construction and destruction process, when a human takes food and drink then the cells get nourishment, when a human is resting then the damaged cells are repaired on its own thus it becomes the ultimate unit of human organisms.

The cell is very minute in size living densely packed in all the human body part and contains hereditary information which they transfer to every new generated cells. The smaller sizes cells are packed in millions within a cubic millimeter of space but also found bigger sized cells and the quantity then becomes several thousand within the same space. In a cubic millimeter blood or a drop of blood cells are calculated more than 5,000,000.

The cells are made of Protoplasm a mixture of molecules which is surrounded by cell membrane. Protoplasm is the only living part in the human body. It consists of several molecules like amino acids, ion, water, monosaccharide, nucleic acid, protein, lipids. The functioning of protoplasm enables the cell to live independent, grows, nourished and regenerated.

The soul of the cell is Nucleus which actually functions in reproduction of cells. The cells are reproduced every day continuously and take place in the dead parts. The function works as first the Nucleus divides itself into two portions then each part starts to work independently and they biologically developed themselves on their own and become cells. Again the cells then divide themselves into two more parts and reproduce another cell. Thus the multiplications of cells are done regularly. These new generated cells take place of the dead cells.

The structures of the cells vary according to the organs. Though they are made of Protoplasm still the structures are different for the respective organs. Sometime spindle and sometime cubic .

In the human anatomy organs of the body are made of Tissues . These tissues are the combination of cells and the organs are the grouping of multiple tissues. The tissues all over the body functions according to its character. The skeletal muscles are the modified versions of cells and contracted in stimulating action with different characteristic nature. These tissues are of four types found in animals as Connective tissue, Muscle tissue, Nervous tissue and Epithelial tissue.

In Connective tissues the cells are separated by extracellular matrix and changed into fibres. Muscle tissues actually produce movement within internal organs and categorized in three categories. Smooth muscles functions in linings inner organs, Skeletal muscles provide movement in bones and Cardiac muscle which helps the heart to pump blood through the organism. Nervous tissues are one of the main tissues which form the brain and spinal cord called as central nervous system where the cranial nerves and spinal nerves are the peripheral nervous system work as the communicator. Epithelial tissues are actually the layers of cells which cover skin, airways, reproductive unit and digestive tract. These tissues help protect from fluid loss.

In brief whatever we eat, drink, breathe they helps in nourishment of the cells. When we breathe we take Oxygen , when we drink we take liquids and when we eat something we take solids all these nourish cells and the cells produce protoplasm which makes them live independent and to multiply.
Thus the Cell is the ultimate organic unit in the human body.

Author: Viral        
Posted Date: 09/30/2010    Points:1    

Author: willylive        
Posted Date: 10/01/2010    Points:1    

very deep information for human cell.
Author: ram197        
Posted Date: 11/11/2010    Points:1    

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and I look forward to reading more from you.
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 01/02/2011    Points:1    

right said manidip, cell is the basic structure of the body.

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