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Reasons for increasing smoking habits among teenagers

September 29, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.35   Views: 4020

Smoking habits has been increasing among teenagers and this article talks about the various reasons which are responsible for it.


There are various reasons which has increased the smoking habits among the teenagers. Smoking is very injurious to health and this is also mentioned on the packets of cigarettes but then also teenagers do not care about their health and keep smoking. Smoking is very harmful and it causes dreadful diseases which may not be cured but no one cares to stop the smoking trend among teenagers. There are various reasons which are responsible for the increasing smoking habits among teenagers which are mentioned in this article.

1. Smoking scenes in advertisements, television serials and movies - Smoking scenes perform by famous celebrities are liked by teenagers and just to copy them teenager start smoking and develop smoking as a habit. Smoking scenes should not be allowed in any advertisements nor in movies as it leaves a harmful impression on teenagers and small children are also affected.

2. Parents may effect smoking habit among teenagers - If a teenager regularly has been watching his father smoke in front him then he may copy the same habit as he may think that if his father smokes then why cant he can. Parents should see that they tell their children that smoking is very harmful and also try to avoid smoking in front of them.

3. Smokers as friends - If your child has become a teenager and if most of his friends are smokers then he may also start smoking soon. This is because your child may not like others telling him that he is a kid and cant smoke. It is seen that due to this pressure to show among friends that they can also smoke many teenagers develop the habit of smoking.

4. Struggle or bad time in life - It is seen that teenagers who are struggling to make career or are going to bad phase start smoking and developing other bad habit. when teenagers find no one supporting them and everything is going wrong with them they tend to start smoking and think that it will lesser down their stress.

Smoking is a really bad habit but due to the various reasons more and more teenagers are becoming smokers and they cant give up smoking as it has become their habit.

Author: Sagar        
Posted Date: 09/30/2010    Points:1    

good post
Author: willylive        
Posted Date: 10/01/2010    Points:3    

To increase the smoking habits among teenagers nowadays because many have been.

And indeed it has become a serious problem. I thank you, to write in the subject. In fact, it is important to society, that we must find ways to avoid the smoke.

You a - a subject very well explained in this article. Very beautiful and full of important information you have written articles.

I hope, always will be the way you write.
Author: ram197        
Posted Date: 11/11/2010    Points:1    

extremely grateful for your encouraging of aspiration.

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