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Getting a Good Night's Sleep

October 02, 2010  by: writerslist  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.45   Views: 1076

Here are some tips on sleeping better. Sleep is an essential factor that is needed for sustaining the biological balance of body and mind.


Sleep is an essential factor that is needed for sustaining the biological balance of body and mind. Sleep helps a person to refresh themselves and get charged for actions. Regular sleep cycles make sure that we are healthy and fit, both physically and mentally.

Yet some of us find it difficult to get a better sleep during nights. Insomnia is a condition where the person doesn't get enough sleep and remains awake for most of the night. During the wee hours of morning and all through out the day he might feel drowsy and low. Today's lifestyle changes are a major cause for insomnia. Irregular timings for meals, lack of exercise, stress and pressure - all contributes to it. But even in practical condition, one can still try to sleep better if certain things are taken care off.

. Experts says that its better to go to bed almost the same time every day. It helps the body to get accustomed to the daily routines.

. Reading a favorite book just before sleep helps you to get settled and clam for a better sleep.

. Keep the lights of the room dim. Bright light will make you stay awake unknowingly.

. Try to create a cozy ambience. Cushions, curtains, quilts, ventilation and cool air will help in getting a good sleep.

. Do not take heavy food within 3 hours before sleep time, as its considered to affect the digestive system badly. It will also cause hindrance to sleep.

. Avoid coffee and tea on late evenings. Because caffeine has a property which will make you stay awake for long hours.

. Inform your family members too about your sleep routines so that you will not get disturbed.

. Try to follow similar bed time rituals as it would help your mind in knowing that its time for sleep.

. When you stay awake in bed, staring at clock or ceiling for more than half an hour or something, get up and do something which will help you in getting settled for the day. Many people find reading, knitting, watching a TV show and all relaxing.

. Do not grumble over no getting sleepy, as it would worsen the condition further.

. Try not to take in between naps during the day time.

. Try to get up in the morning at same time. It makes sure that your sleep cycles are regular and determined.

Author: Swethashenoy        
Posted Date: 10/10/2010    Points:2    

Let me add one more thing : The bedroom light wherein we sleep must be a little dim.Light and presence of bright light will keep the body stay awake.Dim light before sleep will enhance the body to relax
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 02/04/2011    Points:1    

good advice writerslist on getting good night sleep.
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 02/04/2011    Points:1    

good advice writerslist on getting good night sleep.

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