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Caring For Animals

October 18, 2010  by: S. Chowdhury  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories  Earning $1.10   Views: 1024

Despite animals being an integral part of society, this planet and life in general is now in danger like never before, from humans. But some exceptional human beings on the other hand are fighting against these wrongdoers and also expressing their love for the animals in noble ways. This article salutes those brave men and women


There is a very old proverb, which states that: 'Caring for Animals is similar to serving God'. It is actually so. In our speedy troublesome lives we very rarely take the arduous journey of going an extra mile for helping a stranger in distress, leave alone animals. But there are many exceptional people all around the World who has dedicated their lives to the cause of animals. This article is a tribute to those unsung heroes possessing noble hearts.

There are animal rights activists all around the Globe who tirelessly campaign for the well-being of the animals and without their hard work either many species of animals would have been extinct by now or they would have been surviving barely amid deplorable conditions.

The lust of some men has stooped them to such low levels that they even carry out poaching on a mass scale of several species of animals, pushing them even closer to the brink of extinction or beyond, for their skin, or bones, or teeth, or meat, or something else. It has been seen in many areas that the authorities are lackluster in taking stringent actions against those criminals, unless they are pushed and prodded hard by the agitations and protests of the groups of activists and their lobbies. It is because of the constant campaigning of the activists we have come to know about the plight of several species of animals, which otherwise we would have not known.

And not only the authorities but at most times Governments give the issues of animal protection and safety the least importance. The activists had to lobby hard in the corridors of power to bring about positive changes and much animal friendlier policies. It is very tough but they never give up, they always keep pushing for more positive action, even a fraction of which being granted can make a difference.

As because they have been able to bring about welcome changes to the rights, safety and protection of animals, they are being targeted by some notorious people who are not liking this developments one bit and the life of these activists is fraught with danger. Animals are a good source of earning for some smugglers, poachers and the mafias associated with them. And since the illegal booty is being used by them to bribe the dishonest authorities and officials of Governments, the officials assure to save their back in every way. Thus the activists become party spoilers to this unholy nexus. Many activists have been killed all over the World by these criminals and in most cases the murderers were never brought to book. But that has not stopped either newer generations from getting into this field or their seniors to pursue their passion.

I would like to tell you about an activist I saw in a National Geographic Channel documentary some time ago. I don't remember her name. She was campaigning for the elephants of Myanmar, who used to be captured, chained and forced to do extremely tough and heavy jobs of dragging huge logs from the forests to sustain their timber industry, usually done by large cranes and trucks, to save the costs and make good profits. I've read that baby elephants were not even spared and many of them die due to this rigorous toil. They even were poorly fed and their injuries weren't properly treated either. Since elephants are in great demand for its ivory and meat, some of their owners are reported to have killed the old elephants, unfit for work, to get some good instant money; that's how much cruel and greedy can these people get! Many of them couldn't survive this torture, but that didn't stop their tormentors from getting a new captive slave. I remember that she even sold her new car to further her crusade. She was making very good progress and more voices were rising in protest only because of her campaign, until one day when she was found brutally murdered by unknown assailants in a desolate field. That is how the poignant tale of a brave lady ends! But I am sure that it has only strengthened the resolve to fight in many others nearby her home and in her country and the World.

Next I'd talk about those veterinary doctors and surgeons, nurses, their support staff or animal lovers who treat injured and abandoned animals. Things have come to such a pass that even injured human beings lie writhing on bustling streets and people pass by casually! So it generally can be assumed what fate has in store for the injured animals. But there are men and women with noble hearts, who has refused to look the other way. They not only have set up animal hospitals and Care Clinics, but they also have people deployed to go and rescue injured and abandoned animals from all possible locations on being informed and bring them with utmost care to the hospitals and Clinics for treatment. They also educate people about their mission and about how everybody can also support their cause even in a small way.

I have seen in documentaries how much effort the doctors have put in to carry out a very critical and complicated operation to restore an animal back to life. I have also seen the amount of care given by those support staff of hospitals and Care Clinics, which can even motivate any ordinary person. I remember seeing a doctor performing an open-heart surgery of a dog suffering from heart ailments in a documentary exercising the amount of extreme caution required for that particular intricate operation and eventually was able to save its life after slugging it out at the OT for several hours. Weeks later the dog was able to lead a normal life again. Its lady owner was overwhelmed by all of it and was only singing praises of all of them, specifically the doctor. That's the kind of difference this people can make!

When you are talking of animals you cannot forget the Zoo. At times it cripples many animals because of the callousness of the Zoo officials, but at times it saves the lives of many animals that would've not survived otherwise in the wild. The Zookeepers and attendants work closely with the animals, feeding them on time, cleaning up their cages, notice and report of any abnormal behaviour in them which may be a distress call, etc. and in all of these they build a special bond with the animals, which remain with them even after those creatures are gone! Without their toil the Zoo would not have been able to function the way it does.

And last but by no means the least, ordinary persons like you and me, who either keep a pet(s) and tries to take the best possible care of it or those who even cares for the stray animals in their neighbourhood. There have been instances when municipalities and corporations have send their force to catch stray dogs from several localities in cities and towns, who would be killed later brutally instead of being sterilized, but they were opposed by some people of localities and they ultimately had to back-off. These animals can be a menace at times and stray dogs certainly do, but the way the concerned departments want to dispose off the issue as quickly as possible doesn't provide any meaningful and sensible solution at all. Rather, some NGOs working on these matters with the help and initiative of such people I'm talking about delivers a viable and more humane solution to such problems than what the municipalities and corporations did provide. That's how we can and do our part in the larger crusade. It is also very heartening to see many Global and Regional Celebrities using their Celebrity status to give mileage and fuel to the cause and campaign for the animals. I praise them for that effort of theirs.

If we are to make a better society for all, it cannot be done by simply eliminating the animals from the picture altogether. They are an integral part of human life for ages and have also a right to live as we do. We must not ignore this fact if we are to remain as human beings. What we can do certainly to redeem all of us is to show our love and care for those hapless creatures in dire need. Some dedicated men and women have led the way for us to follow.

Author: Honey        
Posted Date: 10/20/2010        

Author: Mohammed Fouzan        
Posted Date: 10/20/2010    Points:1    

Wow nice presentation with photos. Amazing post i like it a lot keep writing man you can earn more and more best wishes from me to you.
Author: rockstar        
Posted Date: 10/21/2010    Points:3    

Very nice article and very nice presentation too. I hope that you keep writing such articles on hot topics. You have used images which show how sometimes animals are caught and kept and they can't live freely. We as human beings should also understand that they also have life to live and we should do as much as we can for animals.
Author: S. Chowdhury        
Posted Date: 10/30/2010    Points:4    

Sorry for being late.
Thanks Honey, Fouzan and rockstar for your encouraging comments.
Actually I want to write articles like this but my only big problem is that
It is so annoying.
That is why I've been so irregular in this site.
I just repaired the Monitor and got back here.
But as long as I have things within my control I'll for sure try to produce more such articles.
Thanks to all again.
Author: ram197        
Posted Date: 11/11/2010    Points:1    

extremely grateful for your encouraging of aspiration.
Author: S. Chowdhury        
Posted Date: 11/11/2010        

Thank you ram for your kind comments.
Author: joeldgreat        
Posted Date: 01/07/2011    Points:2    

Animals are also getting killed because they are being hunted and their habitats are being destroyed. One factor that our government and other NGO's are doing is doing captive breeding. In this way animals will be able to reproduce under the care of people.

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