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Some tips to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

June 19, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 25   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 1530

Any kind of business depends on customers if the customers are happy and satisfied the business will run in profit. This is my article regarding some tips on how to keep customers happy.


All of us know the value of customers in any business. May be it be a small business or may be a big business the customers are the only one who will make your business reach an another level.If the customers are happy and satisfied they will bring more customers by referring their friends and relatives. It's not that much easy to make customer happy as one thinks. A customer will be only satisfied when his wants gets fulfill and gets a quality service. People call Customer as the " king of the market " as everything depends on the customer. The success,development of any business depends on the customer.

For making a customer happy and satisfied one needs to follow some steps and do the things according to the customer requirements.The following are some of the tips that one must follow to make their customers happy.

1. Stay in contact with your customers - It is much better to stay in direct contact with your customers so that you will be able to develop a good relation with them and will be able to know about their choice, their quality requirements, their changing needs, the price they are wishing to pay for a product etc. If you have a good relation with your customers and they have a friendly behavior with you then you will be able to know much more about their requirements and develop products according to their need.You may make direct contact to your consumer when they visit your shop and also try to be in contact with them through mail, phone and any other easy ways.

2. Give after-sale services - As i have seen the modern day consumers love to have good services and mostly they want after sale services. In case of electronics products consumers wish to get warranty for a good period after they buy they product and they need quality service. They want quick service if their product needs to be repair and if they do not get service in time they will get angry and have bad things about the product and the seller in their mind. This may harm the company and the brand as they may say others about the bad service. It is must for any business to have the best after sales service to have success in this competitive world.

3. Build trust - If your customers do not have trust in you then they wont come back again to buy back your products and may not refer your products to others.Building trust for you in the mind of customers will require regular quality products and service and it will take time to build trust as trust in anything doesn't develops in few days. Do not ever promise to your customer things which you can't deliver it will make negative impacts on the mind of the customers. Just promise what you can give and your customer may become happy.

4. Give new offers and discounts - Customers may expect to get good offers and discount for products. Customers love to get discount offers mostly in the festive seasons as most of the companies try to attract customers and they look here and there to know about the best offers. If you offer the best then the attraction you will generate in the mind of customers will be the most.

5. Reward your customers - Some customers expect to build a long term relation with a certain seller as they love the quality of products offered by him and they expect to get some rewards for their continuous buying from the seller . I have seen at many shops points system build to reward the customers who buy a lot for a long period from the same shop.

6. Keep improving the quality and service - It has been seen many times that new companies give very good services and as time passes by their service and products quality lowers down. This should not happen the customers should get what they expect the quality should improve it shouldn't lower down.

This are some of the tips that a businessman must follow to make the customers happy and satisfied.

Author: meensatwork        
Posted Date: 06/20/2010    Points:2    

You have written the points very well about the topic

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