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Youth Smoking, smoking so that they become young women at high risk of lung cancer?

November 10, 2010  by: willylive  Points: 10   Category: Health  Earning $0.17   Views: 1546

Youth Smoking, smoking so that they become young women at high risk of lung cancer?


Smoking and lung disease:

Now young people from smoking, young women smoking is a topic of concern around the world, high school students smoke more and more young women smoking in China increased significantly, but also had to make people worried.

Cancer experts, high risk of lung cancer are age factor. Such as population aging, in general, greater than the incidence of lung cancer over 55 years of age will gradually increase to 75 years of age reached a peak at this time point of view or area under the country where the average life span is expected to decide the value.

Cancer treatment experts, the fact that most lung cancer is preventable and can be brought under control 90% of lung cancer among causes of the incidence of lung cancer is associated with tobacco smoking, a good linear correlation between smoking The earlier, the greater the risk the greater the amount of smoking, and 90% of lung cancer and smoking are closely related.

The first is the age of the occurrence of lung cancer, smoking is the second and third career. And indeed it is our area, whether it is coal, iron ore, as well as in the areas of air pollution, and environmental factors have a relationship, often the air in Beijing when the index three, certainly good for my health.

In addition, the incidence of lung cancer with the character and environment also have a great relationship between the tumor experts reminded the prevention of lung cancer, we point to as far away from the factors that may induce lung cancer, to the clothes themselves and their families safe and healthy.

Author: Honey        
Posted Date: 11/18/2010    Points:3    

You must be fully aware that to stop smoking, you'll need all your willpower to overcome all the weaning period at the cessation. And decide to quit is not enough, you must actually be prepared and informed so that your attempt to quit succeed in good conditions.
Author: DAL AHMAD        
Posted Date: 11/23/2010    Points:3    

Cancer treatment experts, the fact that most lung cancer is preventable and can be brought under control 90% of lung cancer among causes of the incidence of lung cancer is associated with tobacco smoking

I did enjoy reading this article. And you know I would recommend your article from my group.
Author: Unmesh        
Posted Date: 12/07/2010    Points:1    

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and I look forward to
reading more from you.
Author: joeldgreat        
Posted Date: 01/16/2011    Points:5    

Yeah, I see even 7 years old having a addicted to smoking. Yet no matter how our goverment, health offices, and other NGO's warn us on the effect of smoking, people still are engage on it. Hoping that the nicotine (the substance that make tobacco adictable) can be remove from the tobacco so that people can easily get rid of this bad habit. Better yet, ban tobacco smoking in all countries (which I doubt can be imposed). It is because tobacco industry is one of the top most goverment earning industry in the world. Imagine how much will be the gomerments lost in terms of taxes and tariffs if they ban tobaco smoking.
Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 10/13/2011    Points:3    

You are correct. I was shocked to see teenagers running after drugs to smoke and enjoy. US statistics say that teen-smoking is increasing in the country year by year. Most of the girls here can be seen smoking cigarettes. Drug is sold everywhere in so many disguised names. Cancer is prevalent everywhere. Parents are losing their holds. Divorce and extramarital relationships are growing. Who will check all these?

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