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How to organise mails in Outlook?

June 20, 2010  by: meensatwork  Points: 30   Category: Software  Earning $1.50   Views: 859

This article explains the procedure to organise mails in outlook. Step By Step Process and easy to understand


The greatest advantage of Microsoft Outlook is that it is possible to easily organise the mails in folders and setup rules so that the mail is stored automatically in the respective folders instead of inbox. The below procedure explains how to create folders and setup rules.

For eg. I want to create two folders named Work and Personal and move the mails from the senders automatically to these. Let us see how we can do this.

Creating Folders
1. Open Microsoft Outlook from Start menu
2. Select the Personal Folders icon above the Inbox.
3. Right click it and select New Folder . Enter the desired name for your folder in the box under the heading Name and click OK button as shown below.

4. It is possible to create as many folders as you wish. For eg. I have created two folders named Work and Personal here. After creating the folders, the screen appears as shown below.

Setting rules for mails
Now the next step is to create rules so that the mails are stored in the respective folders. First let us create rule for moving mails to the folder named Personal.
1. Go to Tools menu and click Rules and Alerts . A window appears as shown below.

2. Click the New Rule button. A window appears as shown below.

3. Under the heading Stay organized ,you can find various options for moving mails to the desired folders. For eg. to move mails from a particular sender to the desired folder, select the option Move messages from someone to a folder and click Next button.A dialog appears as shown below.

4. You can see so many conditions for moving the mails here. For our example, select the option from people or distribution list under the heading Step 1 . Under the heading Step 2,click people or distribution list . A dialog appears as shown below.

5. If you want to add mails from a single sender to the folder, then select the name of the person and click the button From -> as shown below.

Repeat the step if you want to add more persons to the list and finally click Ok button when you have finished adding.Now the screen appears as the one in Step 3.
6. Click the specified link from the heading Step 2.A dialog opens as shown below showing the list of all folders including the ones we created.

7. Select the option Personal in this dialog and click Ok button. Now the dialog appears as shown below. It shows the list of persons that are added and the folder.

8. Click Next button for the rest of the dialogs till the screen appears similar to the one below.

9. Under the heading Step 1,write the desired name for the rule you have created or leave it as such and click Finish button.
10. Now the screen similar to the one in Step 1 appears showing the rules we have created. Click Apply button to save the changes and finally click Ok button.

Now your personal and official mails are organised automatically to the folders.


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