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November 19, 2010  by: VIKAS  Points: 8   Category: Others  Earning $0.15   Views: 3418

Glyphosate is a post-emergence, non-selective, translocated weedicide. It kills the weeds up to the root system. It is a friend of famers as it saves cost of crop cultivation and increases agriculture production.


Farmers are suffering from many hard to kill weeds. Due to weeds farmers are getting 30 to 40% yield losses in their agriculture production. Hand weeding is labor work. These days hand weeding has become costly operation and there is a shortage of labors also. In such a situation, one chemical found to be helpful to farmers is - GLYPHOSATE.
GLYPHOSATE is available in two formulations one is in liquid form i.e., Glyphosate 41%SL and another one is in Granular form i.e., Glyphosate 71%SG.
. It is non selective, post-emergence weedicide.
. It kills annual, biennial, perennial, hard to kill weeds completely up to the root system.
. As soon as it comes in contact with green leaves of weeds, due to its 'Translocated Action', it moves till the root system of weeds and kills them.
. It is applied to control weeds in non-cropped area, orchards, barren lands(which we want to clean and to be use for agriculture purpose)
. If it is to be use in standing agriculture crop, then with help of spray-hoods, farmers can use it in between two rows of crops, avoiding direct spray towards crop.
. No side effects on soil, as soon as it gets in contact with soil, its effects gets nullified.
. It is a friend of environment, does not get drift away with wind.
. No harmful effects on soil mircoflora.
. Perennial weeds: 225 to 250 ml per 15 Liter of water
. Annual weeds: 125 to 150 ml per 15 Liter of water
. Use clean & clear water for spraying.
. Spray it on green leaves of emerged weeds.
. Spray it with flood jet or flat fan nozzles.
. After spray, sprayed area should not be disturbed for 15 days.


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