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10 Most easy tips to save money.

June 20, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 25   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 3056

This is my article on some of the most easy tips to save money. We all know saving money is very important this article will tell you about some of the most easy ways to save money.


Money is what we work for , it is what we study for. The ultimate aim of any human being is money. We want money to survive, fulfill all our needs and wants. If we have less money we want more and if we have more we want more and more. The need for money will never end for us as our wants are unlimited. So if money is so important to us then we must be very careful in using money. We should try to save as much money as we can. One needs to follow some tips to save money. It may not be easy for everyone to utilize money properly and save money but if some tips are followed money can be saved easily. Lets have a look at some of the most easy tips that we need to follow to save money.

Some of the most easy tips to save money are as follows.

1. Do not keep money at your home - One of the most important tip to save money is not keeping much money at your home. If you have more amount of money at your home then you will spend money very fast. But if you keep some amount of money at your home and some at bank and think that you have to spend the money at your home only for all the expenses in a month then the money kept by you in the bank will be saved.

2. Save money on your bills - Some of you may be spending lots of money on your electrical and telephone bills which may result in wastage of money. One should only keep the lights switch on when they are use and also use telephone when some important talk is do be done. People waste lots of money just gossiping on the phone and they never think about the money they are wasting which they can use for other purposes or for saving.

3. Try to save on your books - One can save money easily on books. One can save money on books by buying them on discount or selling the books in half amount after their usage is done. One can easily save money on books by not buying them and just taking the books to study from library . Library can be very helpful to students to save money.

4.Quit your bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol - People waste a lot of money on smoking and drinking alcohol . If they quit their bad habits then a lot of money can be saved easily which can be invested.

5. Cook at your home - Home made food is much healthier then the food in restaurants and the junk food. The food in hotels is much costlier than the food made at home. Home made food not only keeps us healthy but also helps to save money.

6. Do not waste money on cars and bikes - If you buy car or bike then you will need to spend on its repairs, petrol etc which will make your expenses more . One can save money easily by using public transport vehicles. If then also one wants to own a personal vehicle one can buy second hand as it would help to save money. If you buy a new vehicle then after few years if you go to sell it the price you would get would we very low. All of us like to buy new products but buying second hand products can help to save money.

7. Make a list before you go to shopping - One must make a list of necessary products to be bought before going to shopping . One should try to buy only the things require which would help to save money. One may miss to buy certain products if the shopping list is not made. This may result in more expenses as one may need to spend one more time on travelling to go for shopping.

8. Get a house at lower Rent - If you do not have your own house and living on rental house. Then their is no need for you to rent a big house or spend on its decoration and coloring as this house will never will be yours. Once your rental period gets over you will have to return it to it's owner.

9. Never use credit cards - It is always seen that when we go to shopping and we use credit card we normally buy more as we do not have to money instantly. It is most preferable to buy by paying cash as it will have no pressure on us to pay in future.

10. Make a budget - The last 10th tip to save money is making budget. It is the last tip but a very important tip to save your money . If you will have a monthly plan for your expenses then you will be able to know in advance your total expenses and the savings that you will do. You can do changes in your budget according to how much money you have in hand and how much you want to save.

This 10 tips will help you to save money every month easily . You won't save money unless you implement this tips in your life.

Author: meensatwork        
Posted Date: 06/23/2010    Points:5    

Good tips rockstar. I would like to add some more points to your article.

1.Buying groceries in whole sale markets can save some money.
2.Buying vegetables and fruits for a week in whole sales market instead of buying it daily from nearby shops.
3. Don't buy clothes unless you are in a real need. Some people used to buy new clothes whenver they see new fashion.
4. Utilise public transports for travel to a maximum extent, instead of spending money for call taxis and other rented vehicles.
5. Don't waste any food item. While cooking, cook only the required quantity.
Author: sainiharika        
Posted Date: 06/23/2010    Points:5    

nice tips. I used to follow some of the tips.
I am not aware of some of the tips.
especially most of the people waste most of the money chatting in phone,incresed phone bill, unnecessary use of current incresed electricity bill.
sixth point is little bit difficult, now a days car has become an essential and status symbol too.
Thank u for ur nice tips
Author: snowdoll487        
Posted Date: 08/01/2010    Points:1    

Practical and good advice that anyone can follow. ^^ Not really hazardous for anyone.. :)
Author: Shrihari Sawant        
Posted Date: 08/05/2010    Points:3    

You have tried to give the tips in general but some of the tips will not work in real life like you says not to waste money on car and bike. My friend now a days vehicle whether it is car or bike is very much need of the people. All new even though second hand car or bike is cheap but the maintenance cost on it is always higher compare to new vehicles.
On other tips it is good to follow

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