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Some tips to follow before applying for google adsense.

June 20, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 25   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 1483

This is my article which tells upon some tips to be followed before applying for google adsense. If this tips are followed properly then one can get an adsense account approved easily.


All of us know that there are money methods of making money from blog or website and there are many sites like smowtion, infolinks etc who pay website owners for publishing their ads but the most famous place to earn from your blog or your website is google adsense which is owned by google . It is a very old program of google and many people are earning lots of money from it. Any website owner has a aim of getting a adsense account and earning good amount from it. It is not easy to get adsense account approves for any site but if some tips are followed you can get account approved in first time only without doing anything. You need to just follow some tips and your work is done.

The following are some of the tips which need to be follow before applying for adsense.

1. Get a good domain - Before applying to adsense you must try to get a good domain may be .info , .com or .net any domain as it will make adsense know that your site is stable. If you have built your site on blogspot or wordpress then it is much better you get a domain before you apply for adsense.

2. Content - The content is the important key that you must look upon before applying for google adsense. Before you are applying to google adsense you must see that you must have good amount of content in your site and if the content in your site is less then google adsense won't approve you. Another thing in content you must see is that your content must be original it must not be copied from other sites. If you have a good amount of content on your site which is unique then u will not fail to get the approval.

3. Increase traffic - Before applying to adsense you must have a good amount of visitors to your site. Adsense doesn't like sites with very low traffic adsense will never approve sites with very low traffic as they will not get much clicks to their ads. Any site with good amount of visitors may get approved easily.

4. Have a good design - You must have a good design to your site so that it gets approve for adsense. If your site is not good looking then adsense may not approve you easily for adsense . It is seen that professional looking sites get easily approved for adsense.

5. Wait for 6 months after starting your blog - Adsense will not approve your account if your site is not 6 months old. I have experienced this I had applied to adsense for one of my blog but they didn't approve it because that time it was not 6 months old.

These are some of the tips that i know and i am getting to know more and more ways about getting approved to adsense easily which i will mention soon in my coming articles.

Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 07/03/2011    Points:1    

Thanks rockstar, for telling how to get google adsense account approved.

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