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December 15, 2010  by: Viraj Deshpande  Points: 20   Category: Cricket    Views: 943

I think this article will end all the debates about who's the greatest cricketer ever to play the game!


Whenever there is a debate regarding who is the greatest cricketer
ever, FIGJAM Ian Chappell or Steven Waugh or any other dipstick from
down- under just held their neck up and open their big mouth to say.
"Bradman the greatest, Sachin comes only second!" And what do we do?
We just accept it blindly, without uttering a word and move on.
But not this time, the patriot and the cricket romantic in me has had
enough of their don dons and I won't be able to sleep till I give them
the taste of their own medicine! Time for some 'SACH'ka samna,
Mr.Chappell. Time for you to know what bloody oath is!
I have deepest and sincerest respect for what Sir Don Bradman have
achieved. But you cannot compare those undemanding runs scored
against amateurs in their 30's and 40's to Sachins, scored against
modern era of fast and spin bowling with some never before seen
weapons like reverse swing or the dussra or the carrom bowl in bowlers
I have compared eras looking at various aspects. One of which is the
quality of bowling. Let's look at the number of bowlers with a bowling
average of less than 25, who have taken at least 20 wickets (Original
base was 75 wickets, but only 5 bowlers of Bradman's era have taken
more than 75!) in Bradman's era only 14 bowlers fit this criteria. Out
of which 7 are Australians. So, there were only 7 other quality
bowlers which Bradman had to face. Looking at Tendulkar's era, 21
bowlers fit this criteria, and this excludes a certain Shane Warne,
who surprisingly has a bowling average of more than 25 in tests! There
is not a single Indian on the list. So clearly Tendulkar would have
faced most of them.
Another aspect of comparing great sportsmen is to look at their
ability to perform under pressure. We all know that Tendulkar plays
under huge pressure. The pressure of 1 billion people breathing under
your nose, expecting you to perform in every single game can get to
anyone! Whereas Bradman never had such pressure in his whole career,
apart from the famous or rather infamous bodyline series and not to
forget his last test innings. And on both the occasions, pressure got
to him. His average which was usually around 100 dropped down
drastically to just 52 in the bodyline series. To talk about his last
test innings, when the whole world was expecting him to score at least
4 runs (which would have given him a still untouched feat of test
batting average of 100) he got out on a duck!
Don kept a higher average because there was no sense of urgency or
competitiveness in those days of cricket. Don played all his life
against England, against the same bowling attack, on similar pitches,
similar conditions of Australia and England. He never faced quality
spin bowling in the sub-continental conditions. Ricky Ponting who is
considered as the greatest batsman of Australia after Bradman; has an
average of just 14 in India! Although it is another topic, but what I
am trying to say is, Don played tests, but he never really got tested!
The only little change he had to face was against minnows of that
time, South Africa, India and West Indies. And as expected he just
creamed the minnows doing his average a world of good. Just imagine
what Tendulkar will do if BCCI arranges a test series of 5 matches
each against Bangladesh, Ireland and Holland! Won't he then have the
same average as Bradman? Or for a fact, Sehwag has a batting average
of 92 in tests against Pakistan. And I'm sure if he plays his entire
cricket against Pakistan, in sub continental conditions, he would
easily end up with an average close to 100 or even more than that!
I think I should stop now; otherwise Bradman's soul will haunt me at
night! Coming back to my favorite FIGJAM Chappelli, now you know who
the Dinky-Di is mate? Now that I have told you the dead set, I expect
to hear only bloody oath from you and nothing else!

Author: ARYAN        
Posted Date: 12/18/2010    Points:1    

Its a very good article. Thanks a lot for explaining in such a nice way Thanks.

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