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Some things that makes a person develop Hard working nature.

June 20, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 25   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 3089

For having success in any field working hard is must . This is my article on how to develop hard work.


Hard work means doing a lot of efforts when doing any work or anything in which we want to succeed. Hard work is the only thing which may lead to success . Without doing efforts one can't get the fruits of success . Most of us are very lazy and we never want to do hard work to get success. We do work but never give our 100 percent at work . If we give our 100 percent I mean total efforts than we will never fail in anything and the success will definitely come.

One cannot become a hard working person unless it is in the mind to do continuous hard work and keep getting success . It is seen many times that after getting some success people stop working hard as they think that something has been achieved by them. But this something may be nothing as nothing in this world is permanent . Thats why it is must that one must even after getting some success continues to keep working more hard and hard to get more and more success and be on top in your field then any one else in the world.

It is the one who have seen problems and have gone through bad time may develop hard working nature easily . Such difficulties must make one understand that they need to be successful and for that they need to be hard working so that the problems they have seen should never come again in their life. Thus it comes through the time of troubles that one understand the importance of becoming hard working.

Some people feel that luck is everything and it is only luck which will bring success they are not wrong but also they are not right .Luck can bring us success but its the combination of luck and hard work that brings success. Luck can't do anything without hard work. Its the combination of continuous hard work and luck that have made successful businessmen and entrepreneurs in the world.

One shouldn't see what others are doing . If you see what others are doing and copy them you will never build a hard working nature one should do that work in which one is good .If some one who is a painter will try the work of a writer then he may fail. It is the same with a writer if he gives his full efforts also he may not be able to do a painting as a painter can do. So if one needs to do hard work then he also needs to think hard if any bad decision is taken by him in anything then it will lead to failure. Thus it is said that one must be hard working physically and he should also be intelligent enough to take the right steps in life.

A failure shouldn't make a person to stop doing hard work . Sometimes a person who does hard work may also fail but a person who is continuous hard working will get success rather sooner or later. So it is clear that hard working nature develops with time it doesn't comes on own.

Author: snowdoll487        
Posted Date: 08/02/2010    Points:2    

Inspiring article. ^^ It is indeed important to be hard working if we want to succeed in life. But it is also a fact that no matter how hard working you are some people just have no luck in life and don''t end up being successful. :(
Author: Shrihari Sawant        
Posted Date: 09/22/2010    Points:2    

But my friend to be successful it not only the hard work is required but now a days along with hard work smart work is more important. So it is the combination of the hard work and the smart work that leads to succe ss
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 01/09/2012    Points:2    

Right said, we humans forget to do hard work after failure and after success but important thing we forget to do is that it is the time of test of patience. So hard work and patience go hand by hand, although difficult to do but who do it, is a real winner.

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