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Some tips for increasing visitors to your blog

June 20, 2010  by: rockstar  Points: 25   Category: Others  Earning $0.80   Views: 1445

Here are some of the few tips that i know for you to start making good amount from your blog.This tips will help you to get good amount of traffic.


Many people try to make money from their blog or website but they do not get success . One of the problem may be that they are not hard working or do not have much amount of knowledge about the things that they must follow to start monetizing their blog. One can't get all knowledge easily it is from the experience that one learns new ways and gets better and better.

First of all one needs a good design on their site to attract visitors . People may visit your site once but they will not come back if you do not have a good content so it must that you must put new content on your site so that people visit it regularly.Their are various ways by which one can develop good amount of visitors on their site. In this article i am giving some tips by which you can increase your site traffic.

The most popular way to get good amount of traffic for your site will be from search engines for which one needs to use search engine optimization techniques on his site popularly known as SEO . SEO is a vast field in which many people are working and earning a good amount. Using SEO techniques on your site I mean doing social bookmarking for your posts on your site, building backlinks for your site and using other SEO techniques which are popular to give good amount of traffic.

One of the popular and most used way to get traffic this days is through social media sites. By social media site i mean sites like orkut, facebook , twitter etc. There are various ways to promote your site on this sites . This sites may help you to get instant traffic to your site. I have seen many people nowadays showing much interest in promoting their site through social media sites.

Another most popular ways of getting traffic may be through article writing and video marketing. This ways are used by many people from a long time and has been very successful. Mostly people who are good in writing prefer writing articles related to their site and submitting to article writing siteS and they place their site link below the article. if anyone views their article then that person may also visit their site. Video marketing is one of the easy way to get traffic. Just one needs to upload new videos to sites like youtube and put their site link some place around the video where eyes of the people will reach while watching the video.

This are some of the most popular and widely used ways to get traffic. Hope you increase your traffic on your site using my tips.

Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 02/01/2011    Points:1    

good advice rockstar, on increasing traffic to blog, really helpful article.

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